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Winter 2023

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Perez had a vision for the CDG office which has expanded from three to six employees to serve the over 1,200 members. He notes, "as much as everybody wants to take credit for Brigitta's [Romanov] hireā€”it was my idea. I called her myself because I had worked with her on the Executive Board. As a costume designer, she understands us and was the perfect person to succeed Rachael [Stan- ley]. I hired you [Anna Wyckoff] as Editor in Chief because I didn't think our magazine was running at its full potential. I knew that you had a passion for writing. But look what you've done with it, you've taken it through two redesigns. When we found Yok Creative to build our website, as Creative Director you spearheaded that revamp and now handle the brand. With Yok working with you on the magazine as well, I believe that it can eventually be sold to the public." Because Demetra Stavrakas produced the CDGA for 13 years, Perez wanted to have her run the CDGA internally. He also loves the in-depth Union knowledge Assistant Executive Direc- tor Doug Boney contributes. Though he found it was surreal to have been elected to three terms, Perez found it difficult not to run again. He says, "Brigitta and Doug are a powerful team, who I trust with our fu- ture." He also wants to be a resource for the next president. "I'm excited by fresh ideas and I love what Terry [Gordon] is doing already. She was Television Academy governor and inspires student designers. I think that's ex- actly what a president should do, organize us, keep us motivated, and look toward the next generation of costume designers, assistant designers and illustrators, while serving this one. Of course, I want to help see it through, that's why I ran for board again. I am honored to continue serving." A Vision for e Office Moving Forward into e Future Salvador Perez with Mindy Kaling. Salvador Perez with Charlize Theron. 31

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