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Winter 2023

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Fighting inequity fuels Terry Ann Gordon's passions. Working in the industry for decades, her diverse career has driven her to challenge industry mores along the way. During her two terms as the Television Academy Costume Design Governor, she successfully fought to rectify the imbalance of Emmy Awards for the costume category. Nine years of service on the CDG Board found her deeply involved in Guild programs and growth. Cultivating lasting partnerships, she has designed Reba McEntire's tours, mu- sic videos, commercials, Vegas residency, pilots, and guest appearances for two decades. Working with female industry icons; SAG's President, Fran Dre- scher and the inimitable Rita Moreno, she continues warm friendships with both. "I love, respect, and admire these women for their drive, integrity, and strong voices—which they are not afraid to use. I'm proud to call them friends." She embraces and encourages participation. "We have an extraordinary board ignited and working for our members. Our committee chairs are driven. The dedicated Pay Equity Committee 'warriors' are an inspiration. President Perez left an incredible legacy. I intend to build on that foundation and nurture our expanding growth." Ivy Thaide has served on the board for nine years. Early on she began addressing needs within the membership. She saw an interest in then new programs, like Photoshop and Sync OnSet, and established the Education Committee. She says, "I think that the members thrive when we're educated in the latest technology. It isn't something you learn in college and you may not have time to learn on the job." Realizing many members' choice to balance a career with children par- alleled her own experience, she created the Parents Committee to sup- port them. She was one of the establishing members of the flourishing Comic-Con Committee. "Our presence in all the 'cons' is so important because our members get the chance to be the stars. I wanted to run for Vice President because I believe deeply in our organization and hope that one day we become national or international. If we continue to have the leadership be as passionate as our members, we will be able to help the next generation continue our legacy as a union." IvyT haide TerryAnn Gordon VICE PRESIDENT PRESIDENT 19

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