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90 SAGAFTRA | Spring 2022 | MITCHELL RYAN, a rolific actor, whose work in film, television and stage spanned more than 50 years, passed away March 4 at age . During his long career, he aeared in well over film and television programs. Ryan's earlier work includes Dark adow s and ont e al sh . Ryan appeared alongside Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Let al eap on, and had turns in the popular soap operas San a Bar ar a, y il dr en and ener al osp it al . From 1997– 2002, he played Edw ard Montgomery, the outlandish, wealthy father to Greg, in the hit show Dh arma eg . We are deeply saddened to say goodbye to Mitch, who was an active and proud member of SAG-AFTRA for decades," said SAG-AFTRA National xecutive Director Duncan Crabtree-Ireland. "H e inspired many to union service and loved the craft of acting, helping to create many of the performer programs at the then-Screen Actors Guild Foundation. We are grateful and better as a union for his dedication." Ryan served on the SAG National Board from 1993– 2002, and as president of the SAG Foundation from 1999– 2008 . Born in Cincinnati and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Ryan also was a veteran, having served in the Navy before turning to acting. HOWARD HESSEMAN DWAYNE HICK M AN M A X JULIEN WILLIA M HURT IAN HOLM CONR AD JANIS Breck Denny 1/17/22 Clarke Devereux 11/20/21 Tony Devon 2/26/22 John DiBenedett o2/2/22 JeŸrey Dickerson 12/28/21 Paulie DiCocc o1/11/22 Jesse Doran 3/17/21 Gloria Dorson 1/19/22 Rudy Doucette 3/29/21 James M. Doyle 7/28/21 Bruno Doyon 2/7/22 Michael Dunetz 5/16/20 Joe Dunne 1/14/22 Jack Dunstan 12/27/21 Stephan E. Early 12/26/21 Sandy Edgerton 2/3/22 Ned Eisenberg 2/27/22 Ed Engels 3/9/18 Richard Evans 10/2/21 Yvonne Fitzpatrick 12/21/21 Richard Folmer 1/11/22 Farrah Forke 2/25/22 Porter Fowler 8/27/19 Louis Fox 1/19/22 Francesca 12/5/21 Richard D. Freed 1/1/22 Dennis Freeman 2/27/19 Don Freeman 8/3/17 Stanton Friedman 5/13/19 David Frishberg 11/17/21 Robert Fuentes 10/22/21 Peter Garofal o2/4/22 Joan Garrity 1/30/22 Frank Garvin 7/12/21 Donny Gerrard 2/3/22 Gwyn Gilliss 1/12/22 Hal Goldstein 1/20/22 Margaret Goz 1/11/22 Wanda Elizabeth Green 2/10/22 Les Grobstein 1/16/22 Parker Gronwold 11/7/21 Sid Haig 9/21/19 Richard Halligan 1/18/22 Joseph M. Hamilton 3/11/21 David Hanigan 1/27/22 James K. Harbert 10/28/19 Tony Hartford 12/25/21 Taylor Hawkins 3/25/22 Craig Hawksley 12/30/21 Kathryn Hays 3/25/22 Paul Herman 3/29/22 Adam James Herwick 12/25/20 Howard Hesseman 1/29/22 Dwayne Hickman 1/9/22 Billy Hinsche 11/20/21 Gloria Hocking 11/28/18 Ian Holm 6/19/20 Robert Huerta 3/9/22 William Hurt 3/13/22 Conrad Janis 3/1/22 Dale Jergenson 11/30/21 Brad Johnson 2/18/22 Bunki Jones 11/9/21 Vernon E. Jordan 3/31/21 Max Julien 1/1/22 Henry Kaiser 2/16/22 Kathryn Kates 1/22/22 Sally Kellerman 2/24/22 Arthur Robert Kendall 11/12/21 Sheila Kerrigan 6/3/21 Eli Kozlovich 9/6/20 Lee Krikorian 5/11/21 Cheslie Kryst 1/30/22 Art La Fleur 11/17/21 88-93_InMem_Spring22_DF.indd 90 5/11/22 12:22 PM

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