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8 SAGAFTRA | Spring 2022 | A Letter from the President F R A N D R E S C H E R "This union is a democracy, we are all one and must make kindness and compassion our compass." To All My Dear Fellow Members, T hese are BOMBASTIC times! The war in Ukraine is so heartbreaking to watch, as innocent citiens are caught in the crossfire of an oppressive despot and their country fiercely fights to remain free The news lea of the Sureme ourt wanting to overturn oe v Wade should be alarming to all women, because we can never allow a male-dominated congressional ody or court of justice to think it's ever okay to legislate a woman's ody isresecting womens rights is an eventual justification towards violence Violence isn't an anomaly, but rather an end symtom of a long line of antiwomen ehaviors that lowers the mean of societal accetaility soe on violence against women for the Women for eace Association as you will see in this issue Our National Board overwhelmingly voted in favor of etending the eturn to Wor Agreement ut on ehalf of unity, felt it imortant that in discussing this hot topic, no one ever e shamed y another for having a contrary oinion ve taled with many members representing all viewpoints and everyones fears are different These are very difficult uestions, ut am roud of our memer ody for remembering that it's not us against them but something we are all going through together This union is a democracy, we are all one and must make kindness and comassion our comass n another note, feel very otimistic for our success in Washington, We are making tremendous advances on both our legislative ills, AA and ATA ach, if assed, would mean royalties for singers and musicians currently eloited y A radio and more ta reas for middleclass erformers soe at the ational ress lu luncheon on escalating health care costs and the laor force, followed y a A The SA lin is also in this issue And the White ouse orresondents Association inner was a great success I leveraged my celebrity to work the room as your president in advancing our concerns reen ouncil is moving forward, as engaged the otion icture Association to join the constellation with a commitment to stop single-use plastic, oth on camera and ehind the scenes t is imerative we redefine ourselves as ecoresonsile entertainment We are the greatest inuencers on the lanet and must normalie lasticfree and green living We must now tae the heros journey y video elaining what reen ouncil is can e also seen in this issue The Commercials Contracts were renegotiated, and it was a feat of accomlishment We owe a ig round of alause to the negotiators who sacrificed much to push our union and these contracts into the digital age! It's looking like our seniors will soon have new supplemental options they can opt into that could be an easier path moving forward A real estate subcommittee and the uest for an investment main headuarters is moving forward I'm hoping by summer we will have a whole new look and rebranding to ecome a ulication of interest, not only to our members, but to the world at large, as we continue to elevate our caché in the eitgeist and eretuate the glory of eing a rofessional in the entertainment industry Onward and upwards! Fran Drescher

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