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88 SAGAFTRA | Spring 2022 | * Please note: Due to publishing deadlines, notices that are received outside of these dates will be considered for future publication. Beegie Adair 1/23/22 Anthony Addabbo 10/18/16 Larry Adderley 12/20/19 Nathan Adler 7/14/18 Ralph Ahn 2/26/22 Angelis Alexandris 3/22/22 Cory Scott Allen 12/13/21 Keith Allison 11/17/21 Louis P. Anderson 1/21/22 John Angelo 12/16/20 Freddy Anthony 9/22/21 David Mack Aubol 11/1/19 Stephen Michael Ayers 1/4/22 Flo Ayres 1/14/22 Kirk Baily 2/27/22 Mark Barber 2/3/20 Gloria Barnes 3/23/20 Laurinda Barret 7/30/21 John Barry 6/4/19 Jon Bavier 6/23/21 Winsome Beatty 12/31/15 T. Bubba Bechtol 12/19/21 Andrei Belgrader 2/22/22 Gordon Belson 2/17/22 Tom Bentley 10/24/21 Warren Berlinger 12/2/20 Frank Biancaman o1/28/22 Grady A. Bishop 1/25/22 Jane Blass 8/6/21 Ron Bobb-Semple 1/12/22 Peter Bogdanovich 1/6/22 Mary Brill 1/7/22 Benjamin Brock 11/20/21 James Bronte 1/8/15 Peter Gordon Brown 12/25/21 Jean Buchalter 4/22/20 Rose Carr 7/31/21 Raymond Cavaleri 7/19/21 Louis Cavalier 2/14/22 Fong Chen 3/2/22 Stephen S. Chen 8/27/19 Danny Cohen 1/6/22 Joel Haskel Cohen 11/11/21 Tom Colitt 7/28/19 Barbara Collentine 3/10/22 Tim Considine 3/4/22 Bobby Cook 6/8/19 Joan Copeland 1/4/22 Brian M. Corrigan 1/16/22 Mark Corum 11/28/21 Billy V. Costner 9/4/21 Sharon Costner 6/5/20 James Cummings 1/4/22 Michael Dalton 1/3/22 Gary Allen Davis 8/26/20 Jason Davis 2/16/20 Merri Dee 3/16/22 Emilio Delgado o3/10/22 Emilio Delpoz o3/23/17 LOUIE ANDERSON K ATHRYN HAYS EMILIO DELGADO BRENT CORRIGAN JOAN COPEL AND TAYLOR HAWKINS We honor the memory of members whose deaths were reported to SAG-AFTRA between Jan. 1 and March 31, 2022. SIDNEY POITIER, a trailblazing performer and a SAG Life Achievement Award recipient, died Jan. at the age of 94. Poitier's most recognizable roles included Virgil Tibbs in In e eat of e ig and John Prentice in uess o' s Co mi ng o Dinner n , he ecame the first African American to win an Academy Award for Best Actor for Lil ies of e iel d. Sidney oitier was a rilliant and dignified actor who broke the ceiling for many actors of color that followed in his footsteps," said SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher. "B lessed by a long life, he remains a most respected, admired, accomplished actor by his industry peers." Poitier became the 36 th recipient of the SAG Life Achievement Award in 1999. Upon accepting the award, Poitier thanked his traveling companions," those with whom he shared his life's journey. "Th e rewards were in the journey and there were many. Because of my traveling comanions, the world is etter than it was And ecause of many of you, am confident it will be better than it is," he said. JULIA MALOOF VERDEROSA 88-93_InMem_Spring22_DF.indd 88 5/11/22 12:21 PM

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