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KURTIS BLOW was the first rapper to be signed to a major label. He is a pioneer of the hip-hop genre, with accolades from Billboard and MTV. As an ordained minister and the co-founder of the Hip-Hop Church, Blow is involved with several branches across the globe and serves as rapper, DJ and worship leader. CHUCK D, the leader of the groundbreaking hip-hop group Public Enemy and a solo artist, helped pave the way for political, social and culturally conscious hip-hop. In 2013, Public Enemy was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and the rapper has gone on to do voiceover work and writing and musical collaborations with artists in the hip-hop, rock and metal genres. JANICE PENDARVIS, SAG-AFTRA's vice president, recording artists/singers, is a singer, songwriter and voiceover artist who has worked with artists such as Sting, David Bowie, Roberta Flack and the Rolling Stones. Currently, Pendarvis is an associate professor of voice at Berklee College of Music in Boston. DOCTOR BOB LEE is a veteran radio personality, a SAG-AFTRA broadcaster member and a well-known figure at 107.5 WBLS/WLIB/Hot 97 in New York for over 40 years. In addition to his broadcast work, Lee is the author of numerous books and is the president, founder and chief executive officer of the Make the Grade Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides mentoring and aid to schoolchildren. for health insurance for years ut never new it, said SAATA Vice resident, ecording Artists and A oard memer anice endarvis actually was aying for a rivate health insurance plan, and I knew several singers who didnt now they had ualified for health insurance through memershi until told them to personally check to see if they ualified All of their union mail was going to a manager or accountant who never mentioned to their singer client that they had ualified for health insurance She continued, elieve that the HHA can strengthen the awareness in the hiho and communities that SAATA is the union for recording artists, singers, raers, inuencers and dancers, and can do for the music community what its een doing for years for actors] ." The work of the partnership will e an ongoing effort, ut already oth arties have made uic wor in suorting legislative efforts that will improve the livelihoods of artists. ne such iece of legislation is the American usic airness Act, which would reuire singers and recording artists to be paid a fair market rate for airplay on terrestrial, or AM/ FM, radio see page 28 . It's one important step toward a united front that shifts the eeriences of not only ra artists, ut the music industry across all genres y hoe for the future of hiho is one of sustainaility, emowerment and longevity," said Blow. The partnership sets the tone for transforming the industry ecause everyone will tae heed, join forces and answer the call for change." ● 56 SAGAFTRA | Spring 2022 | SEKOU LUKE TRAVIS SHINN SMALL KURTIS BLOW WALKER DR. BOB LEE

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