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14 SAGAFTRA | Spring 2022 | A Letter from the National Executive Director Dear Member, I t's hard to believe we're already one- third of the way through the new year, and while it's passing uickly, I'm incredibly proud of what we've been able to accomplish so far. I want to start by acknowledging our hardworking team of members and staff that tirelessly negotiated the 2022 Commercials Contracts; their perseverance and strategic thinking have built a strong foundation for the continuing transition toward digital use of our members' work and positions us to capture that additional digital value for our members now and in the future. As rapidly evolving technologies continue to move from future" to present" in what seems like the blink of an eye, we will remain ever vigilant in our work to adapt to these advances and, where possible, to redirect them toward eq uity for our members. We rigorously assess new tech as it's developed to determine how our members in every area may be affected, devising new strategies to ensure memers enefit from new tech instead of being harmed by it. We've accomplished many progressive advances over the past months. You can read further in this issue of magazine about intimacy coordinator guidelines and registry, the strengthening of safety protections for actors in audition rooms, and the revised guidelines for hair and makeup artists that will help create a more inclusive work life on set for many union members. There is much more to come. Stay tuned. It's now been more than two years since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and just as the pandemic has evolved, so have the COVID safety protocols agreed between the unions and the industry. SAG-AFTRA will always prioritize our members' health and well-being. Our National Board recently considered the protocols and decided to keep them in place for now, balancing the needs and concerns of members with disparate perspectives and experiences. Our employers have concluded it is essential to have the ability to use vaccinations as part of their effort to reduce transmission of COVID and the seriousness of COVID cases, and to minimize the likelihood of widespread or lengthy production shutdowns. We recognize that some of our members face challenges in securing employment if they are unable to or choose not to be vaccinated, but we also acknowledge the many members who would be unable to work or who would choose not to work in an unvaccinated workplace due to the additional risk involved. We are constantly reviewing the evolving pandemic and the expanding scientific nowledge to ensure that our protocols provide our members with the safest possible workplaces. I know that these days, especially, the world can feel chaotic. While every performer's circumstances differ, our union means that members can know and count on collective support and strength, and that every objective set by the union has a sole fundamental purpose: to better the lives of our members. SAG-AFTRA is only as strong as our members' will to stay united, but together, as we have done in the past, we will continue to push forward and ensure that no one is left behind. Standing strong together, Duncan Crabtree-Ireland D U N C A N C R A B T R E E - I R E L A N D "SAG-AFTRA is only as strong as our members' will to stay united, but together … we will continue to push forward and ensure that no one is le- behind." "MASTERPIECE"

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