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Winter 2022

The Location Managers Guild International (LMGI) is the largest organization of Location Managers and Location Scouts in the motion picture, television, commercial and print production industries. Their membership plays a vital role in the creativ

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ERIKA HOWARD ERIKA HOWARD 38 • LMGI COMPASS | Winter 2022 Holmes), 1968 Chicago and New Jersey played for the dramatic retelling of the riots during the Democratic National Convention and the trial that followed (The Trial of the Chicago 7), 1930's Hollywood was recreated in Los Angeles (Mank) and 1930's New Mexico stood in for Texas in the dust bowl era for an outlaw romance (Dreamland). The award went to JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH, and LM BILL GARVEY—in split-screen with fellow LM TIM KANIESKI—thanked the team and the city of Cleveland, which stood in for late 1960's Chicago. The story of the life and death of Black Panther Fred Hampton is one of injustice and betrayal. After noting that both he and two of the team were raised by teachers, Garvey thanked teachers for "reminding us all of the importance of learning from history and those who came before us—and to the LMGI for putting a spotlight on what we do!" Actor Harry Lennix (Malcom X, Ma Rainy's Black Bottom, The Blacklist) admitted that for him, after reading a script and working out the story during the rehearsal process, it's stepping onto the rst location that makes it all real. "Suddenly, the world of the story—the one that has always been a bit of a hypothetical— snaps into focus," he shared before naming the nominees for OUTSTANDING LOCATIONS IN A CONTEMPORARY FILM, all with locations that helped shape their fully dimensional worlds: The horror of hyper sound-sensitive aliens ravaging the bucolic and post-industrial terrain of Upstate New York (A Quiet Place Part II), surviving life on the road and traversing the expansive western landscape of America (Nomadland), a journey of self-discovery through six countries (Black Is King), and the community of Black cowboys in Philadelphia (Concrete Cowboy). The award went to TENET, with locations in Estonia, Mumbai, Oslo, the UK, Italy's Amal Coast and the high desert of California for a dizzying high-octane thriller involving an art heist wrapped up in the idea of time inversion. Accepting for SLM JANICE POLLEY/ LMGI and her team was LM JULIE HANNUM/LMGI. She thanked the team who secured locations in seven different countries, as well as director Christopher Nolan for the "adventure around the world!" FROM WHEREVER WE ARE, TOGETHER There's where the script says, where we nd it, where it takes the characters and what it says about them. Location professionals have an intuitive sense how to suss it out, to instinctively know where it is. And then there is where we all are and where we will be! "My hope is that next year we can be together again—not just virtually, but also in person," says LMGI President John Rakich. "We're going to try to put together a show that does both—so we can share the live event with our international members as it happens. We are very proud of how our virtual award shows have been and the response in views and comments tells us we're not the only ones. I'm really looking forward to seeing all the nominees we will be considering for our ninth annual awards in 2022!" Cheers all around for another year celebrating what we as location scouts and managers do and where we do it, and to honor all those who help get us there! "I raise a glass to all of tonight's winners, nominees, presenters and sponsors," concluded Mustafa. "Here's hoping that next year we are all in a great location together!" CHAIR John Rakich LMGI ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER Erika Howard TALENT Alison Miller SUBCOMMITTEE CHAIRS Diane Friedman Stevie Nelson Kyle Carey Angus Ledgerwood COMMITTEE MEMBERS Lalohni Campbell Bob Craft Russ Gladden Meredith Hodder TeriLee Huff Paquita Hughes Aaron Hurvitz Carole Murphy Jill Naumann Lexi Sisk Kent Sponagle Alison Taylor Karen Tusa Ashley Valdez 2021 AWARDS COMMITTEE: (LR): LMGI ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER ERIKA HOWARD, LMGI PRESIDENT JOHN RAKICH, AWARDS COMMITTEE MEMBER ALISON MILLER, AND SHOW PRODUCER ERICK WEISS PRESENTER HARRY LENNIX

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