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48 C I N E M O N T A G E B O O K R E V I E W In the Heat of the Times NORMAN JEWISON WAS A DIRECTOR FOR THE AGES. SO WHY WAS HE OUT OF SYNC WITH HOLLYWOOD? By Peter Tonguette N orman Jewison has spent more than half a century as a top film- maker. With a filmography that includes the civil rights-era police dra- ma "In the Heat of the Night" (1967), the musical "Fiddler on the Roof " (1971), and the romantic comedy "Moonstruck" (1987), the Canadian f ilmmaker has proven himself in a multitude of genres, earning plenty of plaudits along the way. Jewison was nominated for Best Director Oscars for each of the afore- mentioned films, all of which were also Best Picture nominees and one of which ("In the Heat of the Night") won the top prize. Yet there is a strange irony in Jew- ison's career: Despite his evident success, the director has seldom been in sync with Hollywood. After establishing his bona fides on television—first at CBC-TV, THE VISION THING: Jewison sets up a shot for the film "Gaily, Gaily" (1969). P H O T O : W I S C O N S I N H I S T O R I C A L S O C I E T Y

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