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44 C I N E M O N T A G E T E C H By Jennifer Walden Repetitive, tedious tasks can be a killer of creativity. In the last issue of CineMontage, we talked about Colourlab Ai, a tool that leverages machine learning to help color- ists automate aspects of their workflow, allowing more time for creative decision making. Sound Choices HOW SOUNDFLOW HELPS SIMPLIFY TASKS FOR BUSY USERS For sound pros, there's a different solution for task automation and im- proving workflow efficiency. SoundFlow ( is a program for macOS that allows users to create custom macros, shortcuts, and scripts to automate tasks in Pro Tools and other di g ita l au d io wo rk s tati o n s ( DAWs ). These can be triggered by user-assigned keyboard shortcuts, buttons on a Stream Deck, or even virtual buttons on an iPad. The tiered subscription-based licensing approach offers different plans to fit different needs, but all plans allow users to sync their settings to the cloud. So no matter where they edit or mix, their SoundFlow shortcuts/macros/scripts/ surfaces can go with them. Marcello Azevedo's SoundFlow studio setup. P H O T O : S O U N D F L O W

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