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40 C I N E M O N T A G E F E A T U R E By Sharidan Sotelo M arch 13, 2020 — The date to re- main on my cutting room wall in Glendale. Shutdown. The shift for all of us. This was strike three for me — three shows in a row shut down unexpect- edly. Two pre-pandemic and now this. Wouldn't you know it? After the shooting stopped on show number three, "Mr. Corman," a comedy about the life of a teacher in the San Fernando Valley, I worked from home in a hastily rearranged living room for two weeks. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I edited the "COVID Cut" of the pilot episode and put the show on the shelf. An Edit Bay Far Away WHEN THE PANDEMIC STARTED, THE AUTHOR GOT THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME ON A SHOW IN NEW ZEALAND. Then the AVID collected dust. Walks. No traffic. Zoom birthday. Indoor danc- ing. Sanitizing. Budgeting. R ioting. Protesting. Crying. Meditating. Creating. Planning. A s t h e p ro s p e c t l o o m e d o f a l o ss of career and income, unbeknownst to me, the pandemic would fate me with two missions divergent yet necessary to my survival. The f irst mission was a COVID-19 memorial — "Save my DATE / Names Not Numbers" — that I created in the middle of the Los Angeles curfew. The concept is loved ones handwrite their expres- sions of grief to those they lost—what they would have said as the victim took their final breath. The long-term plan is to build a tangible memorial to honor the dead. Welcome to Wellington. Sharidan Sotelo. P H O T O : S H A R I D A N S O T E L O

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