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ASSOCIATION GOVERNANCE 10 ADVOCATE | SPRING 2021 Negotiated Solutions Team For Certified Language (Handbook), 3 years Negotiated Solutions Team for Budget and Salaries, 4 years Non-education positions held: Secretary, Delta Kappa Gamma, 2 years Michael McGowan No statement submitted Address: 16601 N. 4th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85023 Home Phone: 602-558-0961 Local Association: Glendale Union EA Education Position: High School Math Department Chair Years Employed: 8 Total Years of Education Employment: 8 Total Years as AEA Member: 8 As NEA Member: 8 Higher Education Degrees Held: Master's Degree (NAU), Bachelor's Degree (ASU), Dual Enrollment Certification (GCU) Elective positions held in local, state and/or national education associations: YPC Caucus Chair (NEA), 4 years AEA Region 5 Director (AEA), 3 years Glendale Union EA Treasurer (GUEA), 2 years Appointive positions held in local, state and/or national education associations: AEA Government Relations and Legislative Action Chair, 1 year Glendale Union EA Communications Chair, 4 years NEA YPC Region Director, 2 years Non-education positions held: Father!, 0.8 years YMCA Camping Services Board Member, 6 years Twitch Affiliate, 0.5 years NEA Alternative State Director Melanie Cobos I am a passionate, member-driven, highly qualified union activist and organizer with over 20 years of experience. I am running to be the VOICE for ALL EDUCATORS because our schools and students deserve the best! Why am I the best candidate? As a passionate state and local leader, I defend racial and social justice and advocate for the health and safety of all educational stakeholders. I have held almost every position imaginable at the local level and have six years-experience on AEA Board of Directors (non-consecutive terms). My greatest accomplishment is leading my district of 2,300 employees in the #REDforED Walk-Out in 2018. I am also a proud founding member of ESWAG, a group which inspired a nationwide trend of new educator engagement. In 2019, I was honored to be chosen as one of 30 candidates across the country to participate in the NEA's Pre-Uniserv/ Organizational Consultant Academy in which I became a highly trained union organizer. ese experiences and many others, have catapulted me to become the knowledgeable leader I am today. My areas of expertise include Membership Organizing; Political Action and Lobbying; Issue and Relational Organizing; Traditional and Collaborative Bargaining; Organizational Development; Internal and External Communication; Leadership Identification and Development; Community Engagement; Public Relations and Communications; Adult Training; Professional Development; Peer Assistance and Mentoring; Conflict Resolutions; Grievance Adjudication; and Employee Rights. I've given substantial consideration to the NEA Alternate Director role and cannot wait to contribute my 20+ years' experience in speaking truth to power. I appreciate your vote! Address: 4115 W Rimrock Dr., Glendale, AZ 85308 Work Phone: (c) 602-509-3422 Home Phone: 623-879-0444 Local Association: Cartwright EA Education Position: ELL Kindergarten Elementary Teacher Years Employed: 20 Total Years of Education Employment: 20 Total Years as AEA Member: 21 As NEA Member: 21 Higher Education Degrees Held: Master of Education, Educational Leadership-Principalship; Master of Education, Elementary Education- Reading; and Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education-English as a Second Language Elective positions held in local, state and/or national education associations: Political Action Chair Cartwright EA Executive Board, 6 years Region 7 Director, Arizona EA Board of Directors, 6 years (not consecutive terms) Representative Assembly Delegate, 4 years Appointive positions held in local, state and/or national education associations: Cartwright Education Association Negotiations Team Member, 8 years Arizona Education Association Educators of Color Task Force Co-Chair, 3 years Arizona Education Association Membership Benefits Task Force Co-Chair, 1 year Non-education positions held: Cartwright School District Bond Political Action Committee Chair, 2020 Dan Ireland I've been serving our members for 15 years at a variety of levels, from building AR, to TEA and AEA board members and even the NEA resolutions committee. Serving my profession and all our students is my life mission. Vote for me and I will continue my service. Address: 2125 S. Avenida Guillermo, Tucson, AZ 85710 Home Phone: (520)403-9113 Local Association: Tucson EA Education Position: High School Exceptional Education Teacher (Department Chair) Years Employed: 16 Total Years of Education Employment: 16 Total Years as AEA Member: 15 As NEA Member: 15 Higher Education Degrees Held: BS in Political Science, Master's of Education: Secondary Education- Social Studies Elective positions held in local, state and/or national education associations: Local Vice President, 6 years AEA Board of Directors member from Region One, 6 Years NEA Resolutions Committee, 3 Years Appointive positions held in local, state and/or national education associations: Local Negotiations Team, 7 years AEA Resolutions Committee, 2 Years as chairmen, 8 years as member NEA Special Education Task Force, 1 Year Non-education positions held: Election Campaign volunteer/coordinator, 4 campaigns of approx. 1 year each Neighborhood Association Member, 2 Years ESP At-Large Director No candidates nominated as yet Alternate ESP At-Large Director No candidates nominated as yet Ethnic Minority At-Large Director No candidates nominated as yet Ethnic Minority Alternate At- Large Director No candidates nominated as yet Region 1 Alternate Director Nathaniel Ratey No statement submitted Address: 5755 E. River Rd. #3521, Tucson, AZ 85750 Home Phone: 520-869-6736 Local Association: Tucson EA Region 2 Director Bert te Velde As teachers we are called to work for good. In a world where the future of our students is increasingly impacted by forces outside the classroom, we are called to action beyond giving our best inside our classrooms. erefore, I offer my time and talents to AEA and run for this office. I am incredibly fortunate to have found a profession I love. For the first 12 years, I worked in international business. Aer moving to the US from e Netherlands, where I went to college first, I stayed home with my two sons. I recognize how fortunate I was to be able to do so. My return to work was shaped by a simple ambition; to stay in the lives of my sons. I went to ASU and became a science teacher. Over the years, I continued my education while teaching. at journey continues. In serving you through AEA, I hope to build on my prior experiences. My time in industry informs me about the futures our students might encounter. It has also allowed me to travel extensively, offering me an international perspective added to my growing up in Europe.

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