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71 W I N T E R Q 4 I S S U E T E C H talent. And last, but most important, he digs deep and finds infinite patience. "That is the best tool you can have in your kit to make this work: infinite pa- tience. Don't expect it to be perfect. And if it is perfect, you win! We're asking actors to be pseudo-engineers and they're not. No part of this process is ideal. We have to figure out how to do this the best we can for now but we would never fight for this to be the status quo going forward," Findley said. A SAFE SPACE Security should be a top priority. "Content security is job security," said Findley. "By default, you want to be as secure as you can while still being productive. I will turn on every security feature possible on a particular platform, and if there is a question about that being enough, that's when I will go to the client and say, 'This is what we are making use of and here are the boundaries and lim- itations. Do you need more than that to satisfy your necessary level of security?'" Not all tools meet the same standard for security. When choosing tools, check that the company is taking security seriously by finding out what level of encryption they offer and what level of security they're already approved for, like government use, or HIPPA-com- p l i a n t . F i n d i n g o u t s e c u r i t y l e v e l details may require a bit of digging into a product's white papers or a call to their support team. Findley said, "If they offer 128-bit en- cryption and that's not enough, ask if you can turn on 256-bit encryption. There are features of these tools that can be turned on to maximize security features. Certain communication tools have an ease-of-use that is attractive, and although it makes it more complicated when you start turning on all of the security settings, that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. You have to be aware of the security concerns to make sure the show's assets aren't being exposed." The simplest remote ADR session is one that doesn't require sync to picture. The lines aren't replacing production dialogue nor are they added lines for cre- ative impact. And they aren't being used on-camera. For instance, Findley needed to record an actress performing some off-screen laughter for a party scene. Since her laughter would be mixed with music and crowd, the quality didn't have to be the best. In this instance, Findley felt that having the actress record her performance using her iPhone would be the most efficient solution. SMARTPHONE TO THE RESCUE "We made sure the settings on her iPhone were set to uncompressed audio; it's a decent quality but still not high enough resolution for on-camera lines," he says. "We had her record her per- formance a bunch of times to increase our odds of getting something usable. And that was great. That was that level of attention that line needed. Anything Run for daylight: Shooting "Ted Lasso".

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