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"A good friend of mine, who was one of my assistants on a show, gave [a dart board] to me for a birthday one year. When I get bored or I get tired, I'll pick the darts up and throw them at the board." "I play the trumpet. I don't do it as much as I used to. I played a lot through high school. By the time I got interested in movies and editing, the trumpet took a backseat, but, a few years back, I picked it back up and got a little more serious about it. The room down here sounds really good for it." "When I started in this business, I thought I was going to pursue the camera side of things, and when I discovered editing, and the creative storytelling power behind that, I kind of jumped tracks. The shoot- ing thing is more of a hobby for fun now, so it's a [Canon] DSLR—it's just a little 70D. My kids have been getting into stuff, and so we've outfitted it with a matte box and the cage. They'll take it, and I've been teaching them how to do things. They've got a little YouTube channel. It looks kind of cool, all tricked-out there in the cage, so I'm just going to keep it on display for now. It's the safest place in the house for it." 33 F A L L Q 3 I S S U E B A Y A R E A

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