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19 S P R I N G Q 1 I S S U E A S K T H E F I E L D R E P YOUR GUILD QUESTIONS, ANSWERED ONE AT A TIME T ravel broadens you, as they say. It can certainly expand your knowl- edge of union pay rules. Your cautious friend is correct: The time card rules usually are a bit different when you're working on location. For the majority of Guild contracts, your working hours when traveling are accrued "portal to portal." We know, that sounds like something from the tech world. But all it means is that when you're working on a distant location, your workday is considered to start when you leave your housing and head to the edit bay or dubstage or wherever, and it ends upon your return to your housing. Q. A FILM I'M WORKING ON IS SENDING ME OUT OF TOWN FOR SIX WEEKS DURING PRODUCTION. A COWORKER IS TELLING ME THAT I HAVE TO BE CAREFUL HOW I FILL OUT MY TIME CARD IN THE NEW LOCATION BECAUSE THE RULES ON COUNTING HOURS ARE DIFFERENT WHEN YOU'RE OUT OF TOWN. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE TO ME: HOURS ARE HOURS, RIGHT? I'M NOT SURE WHAT TO DO AND I STILL HAVE TO PACK MY SUITCASE. HELP!

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