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Sound Libraries Hollywood Foley FX from Hollywood Edge H OLLYWOOD — Pulled from the vaults of Soundelux, a renowned Hollywood-based sound editorial house, Hollywood Foley FX from Hollywood Edge (www.hol- features over 1,600 sound effects created by Foley artists working on big, high-end projects. It includes every- thing from footsteps and debris to impacts, weapons and explo- sions on seven audio CDs and two DVDs. Also new is Game FX, which features more than 800 sound effects, custom-created in the style of both modern and 1980s classics, and running the gamut from button presses and energy hums to interface design elements. It also features an array of military-grade weaponry, recorded live in the field. Recorded in 24-bit 96kHz stereo, Game FX provides elements suitable for film, television, radio, game and Web projects. Creaks and Squeaks represents the latest work of Kamen Atanasov, creator of the Sound Designer Tool Kit 2.This new the- matic collection includes more than 700 creaking and squeaking sounds, including beds, doors and floors of all descriptions.“They were recorded in the dustiest and most obscure places I have ever been,” says Atanasov.“Now, there is no need to find a quiet place and old rusty objects to record sounds for your projects — we have it all right here. Recorded in 24-bit 96kHz stereo — the new standard in high definition sound.” 32 Post • June 2010

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