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AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL AT THE CAPITOL 2013 Legislative Update The 2013 state legislative session has been an active one with many ups and downs. Last year's election results broke the Republican super majority that resulted in massive education cuts and legislation targeting teachers, including the elimination of payroll dues deduction. This year, while Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate, we've seen a more moderate Senate that has prevented many nasty bills, particularly those aimed at unions, from getting passed. Performance-Based Funding Proposal Budget discussions are ongoing between to be moved further in the process in the the Republican leadership and Governor Senate and will be held for discussion of incluBrewer and her staff; however, no major decision in the state budget or not. sions have been made. We are hearing that while there are no further cuts proposed for SB 1444 Summary the education budget, the only likely increase SB 1444 provides the structure for would be for those school districts with enrollGovernor Brewer's key school funding rement growth. form/performance-based pay proposal. The Governor Brewer has proposed a perGovernor's office has proposed $36.2 milformance-based funding bill, which could lion in new state funding and $18.1 million in provide additional funding for some school reallocated dollars from the existing funding districts while at the same time take 5 percent formula for the first year of implementation of the current funding formula and "reallo(the 2013-2014 school year). cate" it to a winner/loser performance funding •All school districts and charter schools have system. This means that some school districts the opportunity to earn fundthat are already struggling could ing if they achieve more than face additional cuts under the new proposal. Arizona's current 100 points (a grade of C or higher) or improve their score. AEA is opposed to SB1444, K-12 funding Governor Brewer's Performancestructure has been 1. The A-F accountability based Funding Bill, sponsored by system assigns a letter grade Senator Yee. AEA was the only significantly based on AIMS results, reclasgroup to testify in opposition to the reduced over the sification of English Language bill. Arizona's current K-12 fundLearners (ELLs), graduation past five years. ing structure has been significantly rates, dropout rates, and reduced over the past five years. This has forced our student academic growth. The This has forced our schools to make schools to make letter grading scale consists of tough choices and live on a very points: 100 points tough choices and 200academic outcomeseach lean budget. Our schools canfor and not afford to operate on even less live on a very lean student academic growth. dollars. The number of points earned budget. At this point, the bill has determines the letter grade. passed both the Senate Education • There are two different payCommittee and the Senate outs for achievement and improvement. Appropriations Committee. It is not expected Continued on page 25 Summer.13advo.indd 6 6 Summer 2013 x AEA Advocate 3/18/13 12:03 PM

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