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14 wholelifetimes.com AUGUST 2019 A ugust is the Month of 8, and the 8 Month tends to promote political activity. Earlier in the year, I said that the Year of 3 (2019=2+0+1+9=12 then 1+2=3) is the year where "People will speak their minds, and a light will shine on anyone being deceptive." The Month of 8 has that same trait, so keep your eye on world politics and what is going on right here in the United States. Some hidden agenda will be revealed, and I feel that because we are in the World Number 3, it will be stronger and more surprising than usual. The Number 8 encourages you to look at the business side of your life, and if you are financially struggling, you should be doing a money affirmation. I have two favorites. The one I wrote which is, "I have infinite abundance, and my needs are always met." The other one is from Louise L. Hay: "I pay my bills with ease, and I always have extra money." When you do a money affirmation, you need to repeat the words for 15 minutes a day. Some people have told me that they have done a money affirmation, and it didn't work for them. I ask them how often they did it, and they say things like, "For a few minutes," or "Twenty times." That is not enough. You must reprogram your subconscious, and 15 minutes a day will do the trick! In the Month of 8, you should ask yourself if you are happy with what you are doing with your life right now. Is there another job you are interested in? Sending out your resume may be a good idea. The Month of 8 is also a time to do something special for yourself. Be sure to turn off your communication devices — leave your cell phone at home. And no emails or texting either. Just be by yourself in a nice peaceful environment, or if you are in a relationship, take a trip together. The Month of 8 also promotes being outspoken and saying exactly what you feel. If you're not careful, what you say could ultimately backfire, and it's not worth it. If someone is making you upset, just sit down and write them a letter about what you are feeling. Ask them to read it, and give you feedback later. This way, you'll avoid any conflict, and have a wonderful Month of 8! SEPTEMBER 2019 S eptember is the 9th month, and it is a time for self- reflection. Take inventory at what you have accomplished so far this year, and what you still hope to achieve before the end of 2019. Look around you — are there things you no longer need? It really is okay to throw them away or give them to charity or to a friend who could use them. Put a lot of focus on the idea of giving yourself more space. The 9 Month also means it is time to re-evaluate the people in your life. Who truly belongs there? Try to surround yourself with people who know how to give and take with you in a way that makes for a flowing and nurturing relationship. If you're frustrated with your career, ask yourself, "Is this the job for me, or is there something that I have always wanted to pursue?" This is the month to sit down and make a list of what it is you need to accomplish to achieve that goal. If you have any unresolved issues with your family, perhaps a sibling who you have not been talking to, send that brother or sister a note. If you are a parent and are not talking to your child, write a letter expressing your love, and let that child know you will always be there for them. The more you are willing to put your heart out there and let people know you care, the better you are going to feel by month's end! To find out more about Numerology and Numerologist Glynis McCants, visit www.numberslady.com. spirit Outlook for August and September 2019 NUMEROLOGY By Glynis McCants

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