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Page 33 of 43 32 POST AUGUST 2018 REMOTE COLLABORATION W orking remotely has become commonplace in the post community. Editors are based in different countries from directors and production crews when working on a film, large visual effects houses with multiple facilities around the world share assets with one another while working on the same projects or even scenes and colorists in one city collaborate with their cli- ents in another city via live remote sessions. Thanks to continually advancing technologies that allow such remote workflows and collaborations, it's be- come the norm. Here's a look at how some studios and vendors are navigating their way to meeting customer needs via remote workflows and collab- orations. Last month, Post heard from VFX Legion, IPV and Engine Room Hollywood who addressed either their workflows or solutions, with more contributions online. This month, Post's coverage of Remote Collaboration continues, with contribu- tions from post house DigitalFilm Tree and vendors Cospective and Signiant. VIRTUAL POST ON A 'DESERTED' ISLAND By Thomas Galyon, Technical Operations Manager and Sr. Online Editor DigitalFilm Tree Hollywood, CA The plane never made it to Thailand. Its wreck- age is on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and the lucky survivors reached a nearby deserted island. Can they band together to ensure survival and get off said island? Nope. As their differences mount, comedy erupts on the TBS series Wrecked, now in its third season. Wrecked Season 1 filmed in Puerto Rico, then for Season 2 and 3 the series moved to an island in the Pacific, in Fiji to be exact, just a little more than 5,500 miles from Los Angeles, where its post production house, DigitalFilm Tree (DFT), resides. Wrecked was the perfect project to deploy our remote post production services, including dailies, editorial and color grading. Over the past four years, DigitalFilm Tree has pursued software development, creating solutions like PostHost, which facilitates a secure remote interface between DFT and productions the world over. PostHost simplifies the process of onboarding collaborators onto virtual private networks (VPNs). We receive camera raw files direct from produc- tion through PostHost's encrypted Internet tun- nels. DFT then processes, stores and transports all TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENTS ENABLE REMOTE WORKFLOWS & COLLABORATIONS — PART II GOING BEYOND BORDERS TBS series Wrecked DigitalFilm Tree posts the series. The series is shot on-location in Fiji.

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