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Spring 2018

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46 • THE ARTISAN SPRING 2018 by giving her crystal eyebrows to make her eyes sparkle and by affixing an assortment of stones, gems and jewels to her face. As with the costumes, the looks for each of the women change per environment, so when Mrs. Which visits Earth in her metallic dress, she has metallic skin tones and pieces of broken, dark-colored crystals and silver leaf on her eyebrows and sparkling silver and black colors on her lips. On Uriel, she has emerald eyebrows made from ground-up jade minerals, gold skin tones added to her forehead and orange/pink spar- kling lip coloring, all which accentuate her costume. For the planet Camazotz, they decided to play down the character's signature trait of stars. They kept the running theme of glitter lips and used shades of pinks, blues and silvers, but for her eyebrows and the bindi on her forehead, natural colors and stones were used. On Orion, she wore natural lipstick and had natural skin tones accentuated with amber stones. "The make-up style for Reese Witherspoon's character, Mrs. Whatsit, the baby star, was more subtle and laid back," says Littlejohn. "Her costumes are simpler than the other two guides, therefore, we went with light, airy, skin-like make-up with minimal foundation." Littlejohn continues, "Mrs. Who, played by Mindy Kaling, on the other hand, dresses more formally and academically, but her make-up is still not too pronounced." On Camazotz, she has a teal bindi on her forehead. This was deliberately selected because we learned that the teal color indicated spiri- tuality and empowerment. While on Earth, she wears purple lipstick and eyeshadow, which was Littlejohn's favorite look. On Orion, Littlejohn went with blue lipstick and eyeshadow. Additionally, Littlejohn enlisted the services of make-up artist Allan Apone and his prosthetics team from MEL Inc. to create unique tattoos for Kaling's character. Working closely with Littlejohn and Delgado, Kimble and her team made sure the hair styles also complemented the characters' costumes and make-up to ensure there was one cohesive look for each character on each planet. •

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