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Spring 2018

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I t is an understatement of criminal proportion to say that I am a lifelong Star Trek fan (as evidenced by a photo of me in my "uniform" from Macy's, circa 1977). When you come to a show like this one, it certainly is not the same as being hired on to any other project. Synthesized from more than 40 years of viewing films and television programs set in this uni- verse, our passion for the franchise makes it something more than "special," something more than an "amazing opportunity," something greater even than a "defining moment in one's career." It does something magical, all of that emotion. The passion, the awe, the wonderment … it creates a portal. A transcendent gateway through which we can step, entering into the fantasy worlds that inspired us, and once inside, we can interact with the myriad species that populate that fantastical place. Not just on the screen this time, but in our minds and with our hands! This specific creative space inspired many of us into our careers, helping to define our entire path in life. With that comes a unique pressure and a patented set of obstacles. Our reverence for the work done by the countless artists that have created this world is boundless. From Wah Chang to Michael Westmore and the ocean of talent connecting those great continents; of them, all that can truly be said is that we shall remain forever in your debt. Starting there, we approached the design of all of our aliens and prosthetic make-ups from a very purposeful vantage point. Collaborating with the brilliant Bryan Fuller (executive producer) many months before photography commenced, we focused on his "Evolutionary A PROCESS OF B Y G L E N N H E T R I C K D E P T . H E A D P R O S T H E T I C S A N D S P M U F X DISCOVERY 36 • THE ARTISAN SPRING 2018 Photos courtesy CBS All Access

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