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18 • THE ARTISAN SPRING 2018 Please like me on Facebook and follow me on Twier @randysayer706 #StopDisneyPoverty Randy Sayer advising the aendees that those of us protesting outside "needed to remember that Disney offers lots of opportunities to move up" within the organization, and "for those wanting 'more,' they just need to work a lile harder." Shareholders voted down Iger's request for a $133 million increase in wages and stocks for himself; a decision that was later overturned by the Disney Board of Directors, who have now offered Iger $423 million to stay on as CEO for an additional four years. U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is not a fan of CEO Bob Iger. The two traded jabs and barbs during the 2016 presidential race. However, Bernie Sanders has responded several times to the Facebook posts concerning our CRLU survey and report—blast- ing Bob Iger over the company's refusal to recognize the values of its employees, bargain fairly or pay a living wage: On May 1, a delegation of eight representatives from our coalition flew to Orlando to sit at the negotiations between the 'Service Trades Council' (representing six unions and 38,000 Walt Disney World employees) and the company. This meeting was historic, unprecedented and made quite an impact! The next day was spent 'brainstorming and strategizing' with two of the largest Orlando locals. Two dozen union leaders from both coasts combining their resources for the benefit of our member- ships … and the story is still being wrien! Two documentaries are currently being produced (by NBC and VICE News TV), and Sanders has accepted our coalition's invitation to speak at a rally to support the 'Anaheim Resort Living Wage' measure! Stay tuned and watch our CRLU Facebook page for posts on the day, date, time and place. In the meantime, please continue to sup- port your Local, its Officers and our Executive Board and Board of Trustees that have supported my work with the coalition … we are your representatives. YOU are the union! "It turns out that the $1,000 bonus Disney promised to give its workers as a result of Trump's tax cut is a sham. Disney is telling its workers that if they don't accept a contract increasing their pay by just 50 cents an hour, they will not get their $1,000 bonus. No wonder this contract was rejected by some 90 percent of its union workers. Meanwhile, Disney just approved a compensation package worth up to $423 million for its CEO. $423 million for Disney's CEO; 50 cents an hour for its low-wage workers. That is the definition of corporate greed." —Sen. Bernie Sanders, March 20 "If Disney can afford to lavish its CEO with over $100 million, it can and it must pay all of its workers a living wage." —Sen. Bernie Sanders, April 22 JOINING FORCES

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