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Spring 2018

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s p r i n g 2 0 1 8 | 3 7 de to Table in Seale SEATTLE, WA Taylor Shellfish Farms: Next time you are in Seattle, stop by Taylor's. Their motto is "Tide to Table" and if that translates to fresh and de- licious seafood, then I agree. Oysters. Dunge- ness Crab. Nap. Thank me later. Coff, My Other Sidekick on the Road Victrola Coffee Roasters: In Seattle, the land of great coffee, how do you pick your favorite shop? You don't. You just see what's around and pick your favorite of the moment. This place fit the bill (and then some) the last time I was in town. You Can Find Everything You Forgot to Pack at Coco Cove HONOLULU, HI Coco Cove: If you find yourself in Honolulu and need anything, this one store has it all. Hawaiian shirt? Check. Locally made cookies? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Fresh, house made poke? Check. Check. Check. Seriously, they have everything. Treat Yourself! SAVANNAH, GA Chocolat by Adam Turoni: The next time you are in Savannah, live like Floyd Lewis and "treat yourself, don't cheat yourself." It's worth every calorie. A Taste of Everything in DTLA LOS ANGELES, CA Grand Central Market: A great spot to try many things at once when you are in Down- town L.A., from deli to oysters and everything in between. Come hungry and pace yourself. Take a Selfie at the Beach at Malibu Seafd Malibu Seafood: There may be more great sushi and tacos in L.A. than people, but for a truly L.A. experience, drive a bit up the coast to this gem. Order at the counter and then enjoy your meal on the patio that looks out over the Pacific Ocean. Take a selfie and make all your friends jealous. Take a Break at Sylvano MIAMI, FL Sylvano: If you need to chill for a bit in South Beach (and you will), hit up this spot for lunch. Sit on the patio, grab a pizza, and a glass of wine and remember: It's a marathon, not a sprint. Tako Cheena - There are a ton of bars on N. Mills Avenue in Orlando. That means you are going to have to fuel up at some point. Don't miss the burritos here. Everything sounds like a wacky food combination but it works perfectly. Can't-Mi Chicken and Waffles BOSTON, MA Trina's Starlite Lounge: Searching for brunch in Boston? This is the spot. Chicken and waffles with hot pepper syrup is not the only thing on the menu, just the only thing I ever order. Veselka Has Bn Providing NYC with Pierogis Since 1954 NEW YORK CITY, NY Veselka: Yes, a slice of pizza is never a bad idea late night in NYC. But sometimes you want something different. That something is pierogis. And there are a ton of great spots around the city. The last place I vaguely re- member eating at was Veselka... Nashvie is Famous for its Hot Chicken NASHVILLE, TN Hattie B's Hot Chicken: They take hot chicken seriously in Nashville. The debate usu- ally comes down to Prince's and Hattie B's. You can't go wrong with either, but if you made me choose one, it would be Hattie B's. Don't Be Afraid to Get Shefish in Louisvie LOUISVILLE, K Y Anywhere with seafood: If you find yourself shy- ing away from oysters or fish in landlocked Louis- ville, don't. The town just happens to be a hub for UPS-fresh seafood is flown in daily. Enjoy!! SAN DIEGO, CA Café 222: They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, the next time you are in the Gaslamp District in San Diego, walk a couple blocks away from the main drag and hit up this funky little place. You may have a small wait on the weekends, but it's worth it. Great breakfast in the Gaslamp DENVER, CO Fat Sully's Pizza: There are so many great bars in Denver that at some point you will inevitably need a slice of pizza or two. Uber over to Fat Sully's and fulfill your destiny. Late night pia party. LAS VEGAS, NV Hugo's Cellar: In the land of amazing steakhouses, why go to this spot in Down- town Vegas? Because it's awesome: table- side salads, hot rock appetizers, steaks, and seafood are on point and it's a slice of old- school Vegas that barely exists anymore. Get off e Strip and head to Downtown Vegas school Vegas that barely exists barely exists barely ■cr

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