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products Dolby app controls PRM-4200 SAN FRANCISCO — Dolby (www. is allow- ing users of its PRM-4200 profes- sional reference monitor to con- trol the unit via a new, free iPad application that will be released later this year. The app fea- tures intuitive, realtime control of all PRM-4200 settings. A CIE color- space chart allows for pre- cise set up, and presets can be cus- tomized. In addition, controls can be locked to help pre- vent accidental or unwanted changes. The app allows users to control multiple PRM-4200 monitors and works independent of the hardware remote that's included with Dolby PRM-4200. Small Tree intros portable shared storage O AKDALE, MN — Small Tree's (www.Small- GraniteStor Titanium4 is an all-in-one Ethernet-based shared storage solu- tions targeted at pro video editors who need shared access to media files, whether it's in- studio or on the road. The Titanium4 is a four- drive system that supports 2TB, 3TB or 4TB drives. With a start- ing price of $7,345, the Titanium4 is simple to set up and man- age, and the storage is available within minutes of start-up. The solution can be configured with 8TB to 16TB of storage capacity, and can drive up to nine streams of ProRes 422. Small Tree sees the Titanuim4 as a well- suited solution for editors running Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and the Adobe Creative Suite, while allowing Windows, Linux, Mac and Unix clients to share media files. Titanuim4 supports both file and volume replication and, by using a Web-based brows- er, the system can be managed from any- where with an Internet connection. Addition- ally, storage, file server and networking are all contained within the unit's chassis. Fairlight's Xstream targets post audio S YDNEY — Fairlight ( is making a move to broaden its market reach with the new Xstream, a tactile, ultra compact desktop control surface for the company's CC-1 Media Engine. The CC-1 media engine can be configured with up to 192 disk recorder tracks, 230 mixing channels and two HD video tracks for 3D work. Xstream supports up to 256 audio inputs and outputs, built-in EQ and dynamics for every channel, full integration of VST plug-ins and instruments, and mixing to multiple bus destinations up to 7.1 wide. The system's picture keys self-label themselves for easy navigation. Fairlight's new Integrated Control Across Network technology, with a drag-and-drop layout editor, allows engineers to design their own button layout for specialized functions and greater accessibility. Up to 24 faders can also be added in blocks of six to enhance Xstream's mixing capabilities. 42 Post Apogee targets Mac users with new products S ANTA MONICA — Apogee (www.apo- is offering a number of new products for audio pros working in the Mac environment. MiC is a studio-quality digi- tal microphone, powered by its PureDigital technology, for GarageBand on iPad, iPhone and Mac. MiC's gain wheel and single LED meter make it easy to set the level for record- ing. The unit's plug-and-play feature means there's no set up or configuration required. Priced at $199, MiC offers 44.1/48kHz, 24-bit analog to digital conversion and a studio qual- ity preamp with up to 40dB of gain. Duet 2 ($595) is a two-in/four-out audio interface for Mac that deliver high sound qual- ity. The unit offers two mic preamps with up to 75dB of gain and A/D and D/A conversion at 24-bit/192kHz. A high-res, full-color screen delivers visual feedback for multiple functions, including metering, numeric value for input/ output levels, grouping and muting. A multi- function controller knob allows users to quickly toggle through the inputs and outputs. The unit is designed specifically for use with Mac, Logic, Final Cut and GarageBand. Quartet ($1,295) is a four-in/eight-out USB audio interface designed to deliver a high- quality desktop recording experience for Mac-based studios. Six QuickTouch Pads make it easy to access recording and moni- toring functions. Maximus in Venom workstation MUMBAI, INDIA — Boston IT Solutions (www.bostonindia. in) has added to its Venom range of high-performance workstations with the Venom 2304-7T, which combines Intel's 8-core Xeon E5-2600 series pro- cessors alongside Nvidia's Quadro 5000 and Tesla C2075 companion processor. The solu- tion is the result of a partnership with Nvidia and Super-micro. Nvidia Maximus- enabled apps, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Autodesk 3DS Max can take advantage of the speedy compute power made avail- able by the Tesla companion proces- sor, which frees up the Quadro GPU to power interactive design. Boston says the Venom range of GPU-accelerated workstations are designed for digital content creation and VFX pros.

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