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like it was all there at that time and at that moment. It was not about exaggeration. It was about restraint and subtlety." Lincoln, Spielberg, opens in theaters on November 16 — turn to page 20 to read about the film's editing. MOONRISE KINGDOM Parabolic (www.parabolicny. com), a film and television audio post facility in New York City, houses a dedicated ADR/Foley stage and offers Dolby-certified 7.1 and 5.1 mixing. Opened by sound supervisor Lew Goldstein less than two years ago, Parabolic already has an impressive project list, including work on the FX series Louie, based on the life of Louis C.K.; the videogame Max Payne by Rockstar Games; and films such as The Watch (Ben Stiller Vince Vaughn), Moonrise Kingdom (Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray), which hit theaters at the end of May, but has been get- ting some Oscar buzz for its direc- tor Wes Anderson. Parabolic's head audio engineer Tom Ryan recorded all the ADR for Moonrise Kingdom. Using the Sennheiser MKH-60 for the boom and a DPA 4017 lavalier, he want- ed to match the mics used to record on-set. The Sennheiser MKH-60 has a flat frequency response that is a close match to most booms. It was also able to handle the ADR of Bill Murray on a bullhorn. "It's important that the mics have good headroom and a good frequency response," explains Ryan. "You're just trying to get as close to the on-set record- ing as possible. Often in a mix you're going right from ADR to production dialogue, and you want that to be as smooth as possible. If necessary, we will go out of our way to get a match of the actual boom that was used on-set." Some actors also had off-cam- era voiceover lines. For those, Ryan used the AKG Perception 420. All the characters that have voiceover lines also have ADR and production lines in the film. "We wanted the audience to not be able to differentiate too much between the voiceover and the directed by Steven resounding Creating the Sound of Imagination Four academy awards, 37 nominations and experience working with the most successful filmmakers in the industry. Count on Terry Porter, Scott Millan, Greg Russell, Anna Behlmer and the rest of the Technicolor sound team at Paramount to make your next project a resounding success. Call 323.956.7000 to learn more, or visit

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