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Spring 2017

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6 LOCAL LOCAL PERSPECTIVE BY TOMMY COLE Business Representative, I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 I have been writing articles about education for our members in our monthly bulletin and our Artisan magazine ever since I became Business Representative in 2004. I have always believed that the more prepared our members are in the workplace, the more of an asset they are to our industry and to the produc- ers, along with becoming better leaders and stewards amongst their peers. When I was first starting out in make- up, there were no definitive opportu- nities or classes available to learn one's craft in film, TV or stage; the best avenue was to find a make-up artist or hair stylist who would be willing to mentor you, or try to watch and learn by looking over someone's shoulder, while they worked. Back then, our members were very protective of their knowledge and talent so if you were new to the trade, it was a challenge to find someone who would take you under their wing. Fortunately, I found a place to grow "on-the-job" in network television, starting at ABC in the mid-'60s, after which I was hired as one of five staff make-up artists at NBC. When I got elevated to the Roster in the '70s, there still were no formal classes you could take to perfect your trade, and this trend went on for quite a few years. Now … fast-forward to the last 16 years: Our Local has come a long way in advanc- ing education for our members, and Contract Services has had a hand in helping us. Each year since 2001, our Local has focused on educating our members; not only in the art of make-up and hair, but also on how to act and interact on sets with crew, and to navigate the business side of production; to know and keep up on all the contracts we work under, and to always strive to raise our profession to the highest standards in the eyes of both our own members and production. Annually, I put bids into Contract Services for comprehensive classes that will sharpen our members' skills, along with making them more valuable to the producers. The courses that are awarded to us are avail- able to all members in good standing who are on the Industry Experience Roster (IER), trainees and journeymen alike. We also make available our own Local 706-sponsored education for all members, Roster or not. Whether you are new to the business and hungry for training, or you are a seasoned artisan wanting to refresh and fine-tune your skills, these classes, along with our own 706 classes, are ideal for keeping those artistic juices flowing. Our members now have the opportunity to be taught in all areas of their careers for very little cost by some of the most talented and award-winning make-up artists and hair stylists around … their own Local 706 co-workers. What you learn today may just give you that special edge required for a certain job or production. It also will give you the confidence in knowing that you are up to the task on skills that may have been missing from your portfolio. Skills that could help you get that special position on a production you interview for. Knowledge is power. Our Local is full of a diverse and gifted group of artisans, who have picked an exciting and rewarding pro- fession to be involved with. I've found the majority of our members to be generous and caring, which is vali- dated by their kindness when one of their own is in need, sick or hurting, requiring financial support, hours or just a shoulder to lean on. As one who believes in karma, kindness begets kindness, and our members have those commendable qualities as assets. They make us proud. With the previous paragraph in mind, may your career and life be filled with generous and caring people; people who enter each day with good thoughts, a friendly smile and a kind heart. Amen to that! Please enjoy this issue of The Artisan. Sincerely and Fraternally, Each year since 2001, our Local has focused on educating our members. " "

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