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45 B Y C H R I S T I E N T I N S L E Y M A K E - U P S E T. H E A D A N D M A K E - U P E F F E C T S C R E AT O R MAKE-UP continued on page 50 I would like to start this article by acknowledging my deep gratitude for the make-up crew I was fortunate enough to serve. Every minute from every artist who gave a day, a week, a month and even a year to this show is the reason why we made it through successfully. For this reason, I would like to offer some front-title credits for the amazing make-up crew of Westworld. Key make-up and amazing talents who helped establish the look of the show in the pilot: Myriam Arougheti, Gerry Quist, Lydia Milars and Felicia Linsky. Key make-up for the remaining nine episodes and the equally talented Elisa Marsh and Rolf Keppler. Although they had no "key " title, these two were without question indispens- able, Rachel Hoke and John Damiani. Background key make-up, prosthetics and the "glue" for all things Westworld, a HUGE thank you to Georgia Allen. It would take the entire magazine to write about each of the artists and their contributions, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention them by name because everyone's contribution was the key to our success: Lygia Orta Dominie Till, Margaret Prentice, Dennis Liddiard, Joe Podnar, Michael Blake, Ian Cromer, Robert Maverick, Toby Lamm, Scott Wheeler, Ron Pipes, Jen Aspinall, Aurora Bergere, Ed French, Amy Lederman, Cynthia Hernandez, Hiroshi Yada, Jason Hamer, Ryan Ward, Zoe Franklin, David Abbott, Kevin Haney, Kim Felix, Sabine Taylor, Brad Look, Michelle Vittone, Kelley Carpoccia, Greg Nelson, Sandy Rowden, Molly Craytor, Sheri Zebeck, Dave Dupuis, Victoria Jackson, Brian Penikas, Ken Diaz, Heather Mages, Heather Plott, Ralis Kahn, Roxy D'Alonzo, Mark Nieman, Mark Garbarino, Brian Kinney, Jen Derringer, Tania Verna, Charlotte Scovill, Cheryl Nick, Nicole Sortillion, Elizabeth Mbousia, Michelle Telesis, Lisa Rocco, Darla Albright, Ruth Haney, Melvone Farrell, Nadege Schoenfeld, Bart Mixon, Robin Beauchesne, Rachel Benson, Andrea Steele, Becky Cotton, Tyson Fountain, Allan Apone, Anita Brabec, Dave Snyder, Leah Robin, Kevin Westmore, Laverne Munroe and Annie Maniscalco. From the time I was asked to write this article, I have con- templated how I could share the experience of working on Westworld. With 20 years as a working artist in this business, I can say in all sincerity, that it was one of the most ambitious, aggressive, rewarding and exhausting projects I've had the pleasure to be a part of. We, of course, had the standard hard- ships of no money or time. Designing brought on the obvious pressures of doing HBO's next tent pole project following up Game of Thrones, which is no small task. Without question, I was fortunate to be working in Los Angeles with all the local

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