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Fall 2016

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Richmond, Virginia, is a very lush and beautiful place to be, especially to shoot such a special movie like this one. There was rain practically every day, yet in spite of the weather, we got our job done. I'll never forget how our trailer was filled with not just passion and determination, but also the rich aroma of the coffee that Julia would brew every morning. That coffee quickly became the first thing our actors went for as they got there. We had colorful mugs—no plastic or Styrofoam for us—and soon the whole crew were coming in every day for a hot cup of Julia's coffee. There was always lots of fun and laughter in the air as we would read the sides before the actors arrived, so that we would be familiar with the scenes that were being shot for the day. We would be careful to respect the atmosphere of the hair and make-up trailer, since the actors would run lines in there preparing for the day. We knew when to get still and let them go where they needed to in order to be prepared to do their jobs. You learn to follow the actor's lead. Everyone loved music and we made sure to have great songs on the ready. Each day was different and exciting, and Ruth and Joel were the best. Ruth is an incredible cook; every now and then, she'd invite some of us to her house for dinner. She enjoyed the process of preparing a lush and beautiful dinner for the crew. You could just feel the joy it brought her watching us enjoy what she prepared. It may sound a bit redundant, but this production and crew were one of the best I've ever worked with—this was truly a labor of love. • 43

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