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Fall 2016

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31 team, and Cassidy Talley (whose family also worked on the fi lm) would turn out to be the best intern I've ever had. I reached out to the extras casting folks and the Costume Department to see what was being accomplished in pre- production. Even so, we found ourselves dealing with groomed brows, multiple ear piercings and tattoos on a daily basis. Nate was kind enough to make all principal cast members aware of my concerns and requests as well, mak- ing him the sixth member of my make-up team. I truly have never met a director with such a clear and solid vision. He had it all mapped out, both on his offi ce walls (a true work of art) and in his head. Not only was he also the star (Nat Turner) and writer, he had put up his own cash and found the funding necessary—making him a producer as well. How the heck were we going to accom- plish this in 27 days? Before and during our journey, Nate sent seven emails to inspire, encourage, build up, be honest and show his constant gratitude. Here is a portion of the fi rst one he sent, the very night before principal photogra- phy would begin. Date: May 10, 2015. Subject: Together "The difference between success and failure is a great team." The above was a quote Nate found and wanted to share, but he also went on to say this … As I face tomorrow and the weeks ahead, I do so with no fear, anxiety and or doubts. Wonderful things lie ahead. I believe it with all my soul. Together, we will not only suc- ceed, we will thrive! I appreciate each and every one of you more than you know. This email, like all that would follow, was sent to every single crewmember. No one was left out. With more than 25 years in fi lm, I personally had never received such inspiring words from a director, lead actor, writer or pro- ducer. Remember that this was the night before the fi rst day of shooting. I thought this journey was going to be an amazing one and I wasn't wrong. Day One: Our fi rst shot required adult Nat Turner to hold an ear of corn that practical effects had rigged to bleed on cue. WAIT A SECOND! What kind of blood were they going to use? The kind that stains skin, as I found out the hard way. Dionne rushed back to the trailer to get some stain remover for Nate's hand! She was Photos courtesy of Fox Searchlight

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