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Fall 2016

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Not too many years ago, make-up budgets and time schedules were much larger and longer. Those were the good old days and are now long gone! So when producer Jeffrey Chernov asked Joel Harlow to head up the Make-up Department for the film, everyone viewed it as a huge challenge. Designs were the first order of business. Joel hired designers Carlos Huante, Allen Williams and Don Lanning. Around a hun- dred different designs were made and set out before director Justin Lin. He would then pick out the ones that would get developed further. Designer Neville Page made some contributions as well, and both teams of designers strove to keep the designs in a Star Trek style. The design team not only had to create new alien races, but it also had to "update" some of the already established characters. Don Lanning resculpted Keenser and Spock received new ear sculptures as well. All throughout production, new concepts were being developed. The attitude from production was always, "Let's make them all hap- pen!" Suitable shop space was found in Burbank and the shop was set up and began working in February. Gil Laberto was hired to run the mold shop and mold makers Brian Blair, Todd Bates, John Halfmann, Chris Baer, Pedro Valdez and Johnny Saiko were brought in. Gil and I started life-casting people on a daily basis, while the mold makers started generating sculpting positives. Joel then assembled a dream team of sculptors. In addition to himself, he enlisted the talents of Norman Cabrera, Don Lanning, Joey Orosco, Matt Rose, Miles Teves, Don Lanning, Ritchie Alonzo, John Wrightson, Lee Joyner and Mike Rotella. Everyone was

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