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october 2016  /  the tasting panel  /  19 The Nerve of Bodega Garzón october 2016 /  the tasting panel / 19 Make Every Day Earth Day Snoqualmie Wines and Rivercap are dedicated to sustainability. EACH BOTTLE OF SNOQUALMIE WINE: Uses eco-friendly glass among the lightest in the industry, forest stewardship council certified corks & labels, and now Absolute Green Line Capsules. Thanks to the new Absolute Green Line Capsule by Rivercap, CO 2 emissions are reduced by 80%. A NEW GENERATION OF ECO DESIGNED CAPSULES With each bottle enjoy the fruit Mother Nature intended, and help create a healthier place to live. BY R I V E RC A P ITEM #124 ©2016 SNOQUALMIE VINE YARDS, PATERSON, WA 99345 U ruguay (and its major wine growing areas) separates itself from the rest of South America by a cooler climate. This difference is reflected in the freshness of the wines of Bodega Garzón, just 11 miles from the Atlantic coast. Managing Director Christian Wylie stopped by The Tasting Panel and shared the three wines they're currently bringing into the U.S. via import company Blends. The winery is a small part of Argentinian billion- aire Alejandro Bulgheroni's 10,000 acre "Agroland," an agricultural Disneyland, raising cattle and produc- ing almonds, honey, pecans and olive oil, among other things "grown as green, organic and natural as a farmer would be doing it in Northern California," says Wylie. In fact, it's the first sustainable winery built outside of North America that is LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified. 1000 acres of Agroland makes up Bodega Garzón, 500 of which are vines parceled roughly into half-acre vineyards blocks. World-renowned enologi- cal consultant Alberto Antonini chose this particular area because of the granitic soil beloved for its high drainage capacity and rich minerality, "which gives the wine nerve," says Wylie. The über-modern winery (also a big tourist destination) employs "live" containment vessels such as concrete vats and untoasted French oak. This allows the wine to retain the integrity and freshness of the fruit, especially apparent to us in the Bodega Garzón 2015 Sauvignon Blanc. Just as lively was the Bodega Garzón 2015 Albariño, with a rounder texture. Amazingly, the Bodega Garzón 2014 Tannat was equally rousing with its vibrant red and black fruits folded into a glossy texture. —Jessie Birschbach, Wine Editor Christian Wylie, Managing Director of Bodega Garzón. Christian Wylie, of Bodega Garzón. PHOTO COURTESY OF BODEGA GARZÓN

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