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contents David Green, President of Brass- fi eld Estate, with Jim Allen, SVP, Fine Wine, SWS. | July 2012 Vol. 70 No. 7 COVER STORY 48 GRENACHE GROUND BREAKERS Winemakers Joel Gott and Dave Phinney Explore New Frontiers UP FRONT 5 LIQUID ASSETS Fever-Tree Mixers Are the Tonic for Today's Mixologists FEATURES 46 THE MIDDLE WAY Death's Door Spirits Sails into the Mid-Cap 80 TURNING BRASSFIELD INTO GOLD Brassfi eld Estate Is in Renaissance Mode DEPARTMENTS 10 Industry Spotlight 16 Brief Encounters 22 Steven Spurrier's Letter from London 24 Scotch Report 26 San Fran Insider 28 New York City Sips 30 Merrill Shindler's Word of Mouth 32 Festivals: Great GoogaMooga 34 Sipped & Scene 35 Brand Profi le: Infi nite Monkey Theorum 36 Alternate Beverages & More 38 What We're Drinking: Catalina Island Vineyards 40 Port Cocktails 42 American Whiskey with Fred Minnick 44 On-Premise Patter: La Belle Vie, Minneapolis 54 Meet the Beverage Director 58 Anniversary: Piero Selvaggio 59 Chef Talk and Karl's Korner 60 Blue Reviews 64 Publisher's Picks 66 Gadd's Sixpack 77 The Ambassador's Craft 88 Vineyard Ecology: Parducci 90 Business to Business 102 Industry Leader: Giancarlo Bianchetti 118 Trade Show: Monterey 122 Ingredients: Chile Peppers 124 Hospitality & The Drink 129 A Lone Star Life 80 56 MAGIC BUS Double Decker Revs Up for a Spin Down Main Street USA 67 ABSOLUT HOUSE PARTY The Iconic Vodka Brand Re-creates a Swedish Village . . . in Hollywood 70 BACK TO THE FUTURE CEO Dean Phillips Refl ects on Phillips Distilling History 73 OUT FROM THE SHADOWS Uruguay Is Ready for Its Close-Up 90 SPRITZ THE SUNSET Across the Country, Aperol Illuminates Happy Hour with Its Signature Sipper, the Aperol Spritz 96 WHO'S GOT BOSSA? BOSSA Cacha├ža Captures the Sophisticated Beat of Brazil 104 WHISKEY HISTORY IN THE MAKING With Dave Scheurich as Master Distiller, The Tennessee Spirits Company Is Thinking Big 107 DRINKING "GREEN" Portugal's Vinho Verde Strikes a Chord with Contemporary Tastes 110 WHEN IN RUM Robert Plotkin Rum-inates on the Latest Trends in the Category 115 RUM WITH A FRENCH ACCENT Rhum Agricole Is a French Island Tradition july 2012 / the tasting panel / 9 PHOTO: JOHN CURLEY

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