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ALTERNATIVE BEVERAGES Camp-tastic KEEP COOL CARRY ON AND by Rachel Burkons AH, SUMMER… THE SEASON OF SWEAT. GET OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHING FUN WITH THESE PRODUCTS THAT WILL MAKE THIS SEASON SPECTACULAR, PERSPIRATION BE DAMNED Snö-Filled Summer We taste a lot of fabulous, fun, interesting and special products here in the offi ces of THE TASTING PANEL, but there is one recent tasting that stands out in my mind, mainly because I may or may not have jumped up and down clapping while chanting, "Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!" Yes, folks, there's a new alcohol-infused ice cream/popsicle line to market, and it is awesome. Meet SnöBar, the hottest cold product around, currently offering poolside refreshment in Nevada and Arizona. Each tasty SnöBar popsicle contains as much alcohol as a traditional cocktail, and the brand's creamy, perfectly- integrated ice creams feature a blend of brandy and premium liqueurs. Deliciously perfect on their own as a warm-weather treat and just begging to be explored as a cocktail component, SnöBar will continue to heat things up, all year 'round. For those of you whose visions of vacation veer toward the mountain- climbing-river-forging- outdoor-wonderland- exploring, Happy Camper is here to serve as your wine on-the-go. With three varietal offerings appealing to the adventurer in all of us, Happy Camper's value- driven, road trip-friendly Cab, Merlot and Chardonnay are equally at home in an Airstream (like the adorable one pictured on the label) and at your backyard barbecue. Value-driven and with a screwtop that's perfect for any outdoor adventure, I'll happily camp out with Happy Camper Cab's spicy fruitiness, although you won't fi nd me sipping this atop a mountain any time soon. www. Naturally Thin While the skinny cocktail trend has offi cially reached epic proportions, the category will continue to evolve as we quest for newer, better ways to think thin. Refi ne Mixers are the newest to the skinny scheme, offering a healthful, all-natural approach that's not pumped up with artifi cial sweeteners and that accompanying saccharine fl avor. With three delightfully sweet fl avors that are amaz- ingly calorie-free, Refi ne is poised to be the next skinny superstar, this summer and all year long. www. refi Tea on the Run Anyone who has ever met me knows that I take hydra- tion very seriously. That's why some of my favorite people to dine with are water-averse: When I down my glass, I can move on to theirs as they scoff, "Blech! Water!" For you H2O haters out there, there's a new product to market that will spruce up your plain ol' water, giving you fresh-tasting iced-tea on the go. SereniTea brewless iced-tea packets are pocket/ purse-friendly packets that can be added to hot or cold water to create the perfect brew, no matter where you are. Calorie- and carb-free, SereniTea is a healthful way to stay hydrated on those long summer days, giving even the water-wary a reason to drink their eight glasses a day. I'm partial the to the refreshing pick- me-up quality of the brand's unsweetened line, but with sweet-tea offerings a plenty, I'm thinking this could be a great element in a sweet tea vodka cocktail on the go. www. 36 / the tasting panel / july 2012

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