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Spring / Summer 2016

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4 8 | t h e c l e v e r r o o t ACHIEVING BALANCE IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST BY CHRISTINE HAVENS / PHOTOS BY LEAH NASH Sean Winder is Executive Chef at Oregon's King Estate. For Sean Winder, the natural bounty of Oregon's Willamette Valley is a chef's paradise, and the draw that ultimately coaxed him from Philadelphia's upscale food scene. Now Executive Chef at King Estate's praise-worthy onsite restaurant, Sean cut his teeth in the industry at the tender age of 13, working for a fish-to-fork restaurant on Chincoteague Island, off Virginia's Eastern Shore—a coastal destination and resort town known for its pristine oyster beds and clam shoals. Six years later, Sean moved to Philly, where he transitioned from Southern-inspired cuisine to French while honing his skills at a handful of upscale restaurants, the most prestigious of which was Le Bec-Fin. Watching him work in the kitchen is a bit like watching a conductor directing a musical performance. There is unwavering order in what, from an outsider's vantage, looks like chaos in the fast-paced clatter and hustle of the line. King ACHIEVING King ACHIEVING BALANCE King BALANCE Estate Estate King Estate King HARMONY & HEDONISM AT

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