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SAG-AFTRA members." The day's program also included afternoon workshops and panels that focused on SAG-AFTRA contracts, organizing and diversity, among other topics, and concluded with a special screening of the new film Steve Jobs. On Sunday, voting on amendments and resolutions concluded, and SAG-AFTRA Foundation Executive Director Cyd Wilson gave a special presentation. The convention's final day was also an opportunity for the union's three top officers to give their addresses. Howard said in his address that the delegates and officers assembled at the SAG-AFTRA 2015 National Convention represented a special, exclusive and influential group of people. "We are the people who inform and entertain America and the world," he said. "That's a pretty grandiose mission statement, isn't it? And, it's a lot to live up to. But it's true. Think about it. And never forget how lucky we truly are, because it is a great blessing to do the work that we love and to know that it moves people. Entertainment and media changes lives. It changed mine, and through my work, maybe I have changed someone else's." Vice President, Small Locals David Hartley- Margolin. Amendments & Resolutions At the SAG-AFTRA National Convention, officers and delegates considered amendments to the SAG-AFTRA Constitution and resolutions. The following were approved. A M E N D M E N T S 2015-CA-01 Changes the vice president, recording artists to include singers as well, and includes the singers member category in the recording artist/singers delegate caucus that nominates and elects that position. 2015-CA-02 Reduces "good standing" eligibility requirement to six months for eligibility to run for most union elected offices. 2015-CA-03 Extends sunset on National Board authority to amend SAG-AFTRA Constitution until Jan. 31, 2018. R E S O L U T I O N S 2015-R-01 Resolves that no changes to single-unit dues structure for broadcasters be made at this time and that the matter will be reviewed again at the third biennial convention. 2015-R-03 Determines that efforts should be made to inform producers of their signatory obligations with regard to the singers community and conduct research regarding use. 2013-R-04 Determines that SAG-AFTRA should reaffirm enforcement of union security. 2015-R-05 Refers the matter of enforcement of the TV/Theatrical Agreement to the appropriate national committee. 2015-R-06 Refers the matter of national coverage for background actors in theatrical and television contracts to the National Board. 2015-R-07 Requests that the National Board explore electronic member ID cards. 2015-R-10 Reaffirms commitment to the development and implementation of electronic processing of residuals. For complete language of the constitutional amendments and resolutions, log in to your member account and visit 2015-R-11 Recommends the National Board direct the Member Review Commit- tee to continue its work to develop criteria for opening local offices. 2015-R-12 Recommends that a new program be evaluated by the Professional Representatives and Contracts Departments to provide ongoing training for franchised agents. 2015-R-13 Recommends the review of promotion of diversity programing in order to ensure coordination and maximum effectiveness. 2015-R-14 Recommends the National Board consider holding annual caucuses for all significant performer groups to provide ongoing education and outreach and greater opportunities for member involvement. 2015-R-15 Recommends the National Board discuss organizing work in geographic areas. 2013-R-21 Recommends specific publishing criteria for the notification of resolution rules prior to convention. 2015-R-23 Recommends the National Board consider methods of increasing participation of smaller categories at the 2017 convention. 2015-R-25 Recommends that chairs and vice chairs of national committees be consulted in the committee appointment process. 2015-R-27 Recommends formation of a National TV/Theatrical Principals Committee. 2015-R-28 Recognizes the history of the SAG-AFTRA Federal Credit Union. 2015-R-29 Recognizes the Actors Federal Credit Union. 2015-R-30 Recognizes and thanks the veterans and the men and women who serve our country. 2015-R-31 Supports members bargaining with a particular employer group in their efforts to achieve a fair contract. 2015-R-32 Reaffirms commitment to identify and implement solutions to enhance journalist safety. 2015-R-32: Reaffirms commitment to journalist safety. MATT PETIT 80 SAG-AFTRA | Fall 2015 |

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