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132  /  the tasting panel  /  april 2015 INNOVATIONS Making Hay While the MALIBU RUM DELICATELY BALANCES CONSTANT INNOVATION WITH STAYING TRUE TO IT MESSAGE Sun Shines by Emily Coleman E veryone loves to make quips about the Millennial generation (even Millennials). We have all heard it at some point: "They're entitled; they're spoiled." No matter which side of this debate you're on, we can all agree that this group of Americans grew up in an era of constant advancements and hyper-choice. They learned to expect something new every time they walk into a store, so if this gen- eration happens to be a brand's target demographic, you better believe the company will need to push boundaries and relentlessly innovate not only its product or service, but also its messaging, marketing— even the color schemes it uses in photos need to stay current. "Everyone understands that if you aren't innovating, you are moving backwards," Josh Hayes, Senior Brand Manager for Malibu, points out. "This idea is even more important for Malibu because one of our key demos is that early-20s age group, who is used to having so many choices. If we don't capture a consumer at this time in their life, we may never get them—it is especially difficult to turn a 40- or 50- year-old onto drinking a Malibu cocktail, such as a Piña Colada, when they have never experienced them before." While innovation for innovation's sake tempts many brands, this philosophy can quickly distance a company from its core product and its base consumer—a mistake that has led to the death of many, many companies. Walking this fine line between staying ahead of trends and staying in tune with the current demands of the marketplace, Malibu first used island flavors as inspiration when it began expanding

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