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February 2014

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february 2014 / the tasting panel / 7 fit for the brand. Additionally, we added flavors that people enjoy in everyday life, such as Cinnamon Bun, English Toffee, Mint Chocolate and Cookie Dough." Confident that the Signature Wineheart flavor will speak for itself, the brand's off-premise strategy is to heavily invest in tastings at retail markets. The goal is simply to get people to try Wineheart. Having consumers taste the brand chilled and neat will allow them the opportunity to see how great it is on its own, but also let their imaginations run with possibilities for mixing and baking recipes. "For the on-premise, Wineheart is focused on cocktail mixology and restaurant dessert menus," Holecz says. "With the brand being very easy to mix, Wineheart flavors allow for many unique cocktail creations. Martinis, smoothies and traditional cocktails are simple. In addition, Wineheart is the perfect after-dinner choice. Whether it's a special plate of chocolate chip cookies or mixed in an after dinner cocktail, Wineheart allows the on-premise the chance to offer variety with their desert menu." Versatility and Mixability Not just an indulgent treat on its own, Wineheart offers retailers, mixologists and consumers a remarkable diversity. Says Holecz, "Wineheart is a product that offers multiple marketplace options. From the wine section to the cream liqueur section, Wineheart fits in multiple areas at a retailer." He continues, "Mixology plays a key role in the Wineheart brand. We worked with a mixologist who helped us focus on key areas of the brand: simple cocktails, food/dessert pairings and baking recipes." The versatility of the flavors means that Wineheart is perfect for simple, straight-forward cocktails at home, as well as inspiring creativity in more skilled mixologists. "Wineheart can be mixed in the simplest of fashions to create a savory Martini or chilled smoothie. The brand also mixes very well with spirits. Our goal was to create simple-to-make cocktails at launch so the consumer can enjoy easily," says Holecz. Wineheart is available through Western Spirits. "When my customers saw the display and the packaging they stopped to look. When they tasted, they bought! Many came back during the next week to re-purchase or purchase another flavor. Wineheart is such a great prod- uct! I wish I would have had more to sell. I sold out of 18 cases in a week." —Lori Hintz, Gary's Beer and Liquor in Oak Creek, WI COCONUT CRÉME The ideal mixing accompaniment, this lavor is light and takes you right to your dream tropical locale. COOKIE DOUGH With freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on the nose, the lavor is surprisingly light and begging for baking experimentation. ORANGE CREAM Orange blossoms and a traditional orange julius smoothie encourage you to take just one more sip . . . Taken by the alluring nature of the diverse flavors, we just had to try Wineheart for ourselves and found that we were hit by Cupid's arrow! Here are our tasting notes:

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