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Lady Lillet tells us that Lillet is a true lifestyle brand. "Lillet is all about celebrating the golden hour. Conversations with loved ones you haven't seen all day, and shared enjoyment, love and elegance. Apéritif Hour is about conversation and laughter. After all, a smile is your best feature!" A Lady on a Mission While Lady Lillet "eats sunshine and roses for breakfast," Amanda's breakfast is decidedly more earthly: A simple egg white omelette and green tea prepare her for her day, which today, consists of our photo shoot. "But my job is different every day," she says, explaining that she's part educator, part event planner, part marketer and even part box-opener. "Some days, I spend my time opening 40 boxes and dealing with my main contact, the UPS man," she insists, and somehow, we're certain the home of Lady Lillet is one of the UPS man's favorite stops on his route. When she's not at home befriending the UPS man or playing with her pet Want to Connect with Lady Lillet? Lady Lillet wants to connect with you too! Visit her at or find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the LadyLillet handles. Lady Lillet will also be taking her magical love-fest to Tales of the Cocktail! She'll host The Elegant Hour from 3:30–5:00 on the mezzanine level of the Montelone on July 18–19, and you can check out her seminar, "Low Octane Libations, " on Saturday July 20 from 3:30–5:00 p.m. If you see her out and about at other events, be sure to say hello, with love from THE TASTING PANEL. rabbit, whose name changes every week (naturally), Amanda travels the country an estimated 75–85% per year, preaching the gospel of Lillet and promoting what she calls the Art of the Apéritif. "I'm on a one woman mission to bring back the apéritif," she says, explaining that an apéritif is so much more than a mere pre-dinner tipple. "There's a whole lifestyle component related to the apéritif. It's not just about drinking early: It's about drinking elegantly, responsibly and with friends, and Lillet is the perfect example of all of that." In her efforts to put the spotlight on the apéritif, Lady Lillet also hopes to initiate a new trend in mixology: apéritif cocktails, made with Lillet. While these cocktails are, of course, delicious, Amanda's quick to get to the dollars-and-cents logic behind the trend. "From a price point perspective, with Lillet costing between $16 and $18 per bottle, you can sell cocktails for nearly the price of one bottle, and from a mixology standpoint, the options are truly endless when you use Lillet as the base spirit. Any number of 64  /  the tasting panel  /  july 2013 TP0713_034-65.indd 64 6/25/13 2:08 PM

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