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Fall 2020

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4 I M PS E . O R G LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT The Official Publication of the Motion Picture Sound Editors Editor CHRISTINA HORGAN MPSE Officers MARK LANZA - President BERNARD WEISER - Vice President STEVE URBAN - Secretary JEREMY GORDON - Treasurer CHRIS REEVES - Sergeant at Arms Board Members MIGUEL ARAUJO DAVID BARBER JAMES BARTH DANIEL BLANCK DAVID BONDELEVITCH BILL DANNEVIK SHASHA DONG BAYLON FONSECA SCOTT GERSHIN GERALDO GUTIERREZ CHRISTINA HORGAN KEVIN HOWARD PERRY LA MARCA PAULETTE VICTOR LIFTON ERIC MARKS SEAN MASSEY GARRETT MONTGOMERY GLENN MORGAN STUART MORTON RESUL POOKUTTY SOLANGE SCHWALBE The MPSE Wavelength is published quarterly by the Motion Picture Sound Editors MPSE.ORG Comments, editorial and photo submissions can be sent to Publisher INGLEDODD MEDIA Advertising INGLEDODD MEDIA 310.207.4410 MPSE@INGLEDODD.COM WWW.INGLEDODDMEDIA.COM MARK LANZA MPSE I PRESIDENT Sound Designer and Supervisor Sony Pictures Studios Our Wavelength quarterly magazine is a hit! Thank you once again for reading and telling people about both our publication and the many reasons you are an MPSE member. The creativity of our members has been on full display lately. There are many innovative ways being shown when it comes to spotting our projects, as well as shooting ADR and mixing. Everyone is doing what they can to keep the workflow moving ahead. A lot of our members are currently out of work. All I can say is hang in there. We are all in the same boat and although this may be a tough winter, we will hopefully see light at the end of the tunnel. Studios have started making plans for the safe re-opening of film production and then it will get to post. Like the rest of the world, I had hoped things would have been calming down by now with regard to COVID, fingers crossed it will soon. Whether you are working or not, now is a perfect time to check out one of our "Sound Advice" events. They are going strong, if you haven't attended any—what are you waiting for? You can participate from HOME right now! Some big news this issue is the opening of our MPSE store! You can get some really cool MPSE branded merchandise there and show o' your MPSE spirit. Visit at https:// and post on social media with the hashtag #MPSETagYorSwag. The MPSE has been buzzing and getting ready for another awards season. We have opened up submissions and are starting to announce our plans for a virtual awards show. Being virtual has many benefits, we can have members attend from all over the world, as well as special guests. The MPSE has members across the globe and obviously, they can't fly in every year. This makes it super easy for everyone to attend. We are also looking into new virtual ways for our members to interact with each other before and after the show. We want to still have our network and schmoose time. I think it will be a great event and obviously, the nominations and awards are just as prestigious as ever! Speaking of virtual events, we hope you made it to the Mix Presents Sound for Film & TV event. It is usually held at Sony Pictures but was virtual this year. The MPSE had a great panel, Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Post Sound Editorial During the Shutdown,—where Frank Morrone CAS MPSE moderated a discussion on remote sound editorial solutions and shared the practical workflows that have proven e'ective and what considerations—will be necessary to know—as we all return to work.—The panelists were Mandell Winter MPSE, Gary Megregian—MPSE, Sean Massey MPSE, and Michael Babcock CAS. A big thank-you to everyone on the panel. It was amazing. The bottom line is get involved and use this time wisely. Learn new things at our "Sound Advice" events and keep your mind engaged and absorbing new information and skills. Due to the pandemic pushing everyone's awards back by two months, advertisers' dollars have also been pushed back and this has forced us to take this edition that was supposed to be a hard and digital copy and just go digital. Look for the next edition to be back to normal and you can display it on your desk or co'ee table. We look forward to seeing you in person one of these days soon.

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