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Tea Talk Tea ain't just for the Queen of England anymore. As the beverage culture has evolved, teas, in all of their many shapes and forms, have become a ubiquitous category, with offerings ranging from the sweet and sassy to the prim and proper. Marketplace takes a look at three new tea products that have us thinking outside the kettle. Tea to Get Your Pistons Going Sparkle Sisters Like The Supremes, the lovely trio offered from Sequin Wines sparkle effervescently, shimmy with delicate grace and wow with feminine wiles. Lightly sparkling, each of these pretty sippers is easy-drinking with a deinite ladylike sweetness, relected perfectly in the brand's polka-dotted packaging. Sequin Rosé is as lovely as they get, while Sequin Pinot Grigio is garden-party fresh and Sequin Moscato is honeyed fruit-driven happiness in a glass. Pretty and pleasing, Sequin will be a smash throughout the summer season, and with every sip "I Hear a Symphony"! Exotic Assistance Let's face it, cooking Indian food has long been relegated to the realm of "do not try this at home." With unfamiliar spices and seasonings going into exotic dishes you may or may not know how to pronounce, Indian cuisine has been best left to the experts. But with today's consumer ever-adventuresome in the kitchen, perfecting your paneer is inally a possibility thanks to Indian as Apple Pie, a series of Indian spices ranging from cumin seeds and coriander to rassan powder and kala namak. So give your gourmand customers the gift of gastronomic dexterity, and help them break out of their cooking comfort zones. With enough practice, paratha will be easy as pie. Your first beverage association with NASCAR may not typically be tea, but Herbal Mist would like to change that. The yerba maté–based tea line has recently announced a partnership with racing legend Joe Nemechek to roll out a high-octane yet unsweetened and all-natural iced tea that's perfect for a hot summer morning pickme-up. Known for its delightful caffeinated buzz, this yerba maté cooler will get you ready to rev your engines. Boutique Bouquet Smith Tea line, from an artisan tea-maker in Portland Oregon, is all about taking tea to the next level. With gorgeous packaging featuring tiny silken pouches filled with exotic lowers, leaves and spices, and complex aromas and lavor proiles that emerge from blending ingredients like Egyptian chamomile, South African rooibos, fragrant hyssop, linden lowers, lemon myrtle, rose petals, saflower and cyani lowers (those ingredients all combine for the No. 67 Meadow blend), Smith Tea is as nuanced as any aged spirit. Like artisan spirits before them, each palatepushing box of Smith is even batched and labeled, so get your tea-tasting pants on and start a-brewin'. Tea to Fall For With a trip of delicious, all-natural iced teas, Heart of Tea is easy to love. Fresh, lightly-sweetened lavors like peach, pomegranate orange and green tea blueberry are refreshingly sippable, and the brand's consciousness message is downright crush-worthy: Heart of Tea shares 30% of proits with the local communities, ensuring that there's plenty of love to go around for everyone. may 2013 / the tasting panel / 93

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