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SAKÉ ONE SPIRITS Iceberg IceFusion Crème Brûleé Flavored Vodka, Canada ($15) Oh Canada import! This true-to-its-name north-of-the-border flavored vodka is plenty good. If it weren't in a clear glass and I were tasting it blind, I would think it possessed a cream base. But the glacier-clear white spirit, made with water harvested from icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland, is packed with aromas of toffee, dairy cream, pudding and cocoa. On the palate, a coffee mocha comes into play. The finish continues evenly on the path of pudding and coffee. 91 RAISE YOUR SPIRITS. Capacity: 6-1/8 oz. SakéMoto Premium Junmai Saké, Japan ($11) A gentle breeze of peach and mandarin and newly blossomed night jasmine soothes on the nose. Take a sip and the baby dove feather turns into an ethereal liquid. Clean dew drops of tangerine and fresh linen work with a natural acidity. 90 Height: 7-1/2" ADMIRAL IMPORTS Cognac Glass Spring44 Gin, USA ($25) This USA-made 88-proof gin has spring to its step! The nose is a wake-up call of juniper, anise and peppercorns and the palate follows closely. Texturally, its zing hits the middle of the tongue and an increasing amount of flavor flows to the back of the mouth, where it warms and soothes. 91 Clyde May's Conecuh Ridge Whiskey, USA ($30) Pass the peach pie! This 85-proof Alabamafinished whiskey (55% corn, 30% rye, rounded out with barley and aged in new caramel-charred white oak barrels) is heavenly scented with cinnamon and peach. The round sensation of cooked apples and peppered peaches is palate-pleasing enough, and vanilla-toffee sends out sweet signals, but the finish is actually dry and a touch stony. 93 Given Liqueur, France ($33) The agave cannot hide in this citrus-based French liqueur—at least not on the nose. Richly baked notes of apricot pastry, lime and jasmine waft straight to the senses, with pungent agave straddling the stone fruit. But the taste is not a straight shot from nose to palate; instead, lean orange-lime tangs the tongue and is as authentic a juice note from start to finish as we've tasted in a liqueur—with hints of jasmine and sandalwood to create an exotic landing. 90 Riedel Bar is available in 13 spirit enhancing shapes; startingat $4.40 per glass. Available through your distributor or at

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