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PHOTO: ANTHONY MAIR PHOTO: ANTHONY MAIR "Mixed use of materials" and an unusual streetside patio at Park on Fremont. Park on Fremont Before the creation of Park on Fremont, an eclectic gastropub that opened in March this year, visitors to Fremont East District could literally park on Fremont Street in the lot now inhabited by the 5,000-square-foot pub. This local history, though, isn't the only remnant of the past at Park. The building's rustic sides originate from a Nebraska farm, and reclaimed materials from the 1940s form the loor's herringbone pattern. Outside, wallmounted ceramic plates, weatherproofed canvas art and a grafitied archangel sculpture provoke the back patio's serene garden scene. "The mixed use of materials here is what I'm most excited about," says co-owner Ryan Doherty. Inspired by outdoor dining in Los Angeles, this venue also utilizes sidewalk space beyond its front doors—a feature rarely witnessed in Las Vegas. Front patio tables, chairs and potted plants provide an inviting place for guests to enjoy upscale bar fare, original cocktails in mismatched glassware, craft beers and one-of-a-kind Boilermakers. "We'll seal Mason jars with two-ounce shooters, so people can take it with them," Doherty says of his twist on to-go beverages. "It's like a picnic theme to go along with our park." Triple George Grill and Mob Bar POSTER COURTESY OF FIFTH FLOOR GAMING "Triple George Grill is inspired by the kind of steakhouses you can find in San Francisco," says Zach Conine, Business Development Officer for parent company Fifth Street Gaming. "It's the place where people remember your name, and the bartender knows your drink." With its 36-seat wooden bar and traditional booths, Downtown Third District's Triple George Grill provides a place to merge the present and the past. On its walls, the neighborhood restaurant displays framed black-andwhite photographs of people who inspire Triple George patrons, for, as Conine says, "a reminder of where we came from." Mob Bar opened on the 78th The beverage menu, invented by anniversary of Repeal Day. mixologists at the adjoining Mob Bar, also invites a taste of historical inluence. Opened on the 78th anniversary of Repeal Day, Mob Bar invests in cocktail recipes from a bygone era. For period-appropriate pairings, mixologists "learn from old cocktail books," Conine explains—"'old' like it hasn't been printed since the '30s." may 2013 / the tasting panel / 119

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