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products Plug-ins to match looks S Thinkbox's standalone high-volume particle renderer AN FRANCISCO — Re:Vision Effects (www. has released Re:Match V.1.1, a new set of plug-ins designed to match one look of film or video to another. Re:Match assumes that both image sequences are taken roughly at the same location but might not have been shot at the same time or from the same point-of-view. It then matches as best it can one sequence's overall color appearance to that of another. Re: Match Version 1.1 is available for Adobe's After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5 or later. Re:Match only supports 64-bit applications. In addition, Re:Match is now part of the Effections Plus bundle for After Effects. L OS ANGELES — Thinkbox Software ( has released Krakatoa SR, a standalone version of its high-volume particle renderer for Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. The renderer can be integrated with any 3D content creation application. Previously available for Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya, Krakatoa is CPUbased, highly optimized, heavily multi-threaded, and can be used on most hardware running Windows or Linux, including laptops and render nodes, without dedicated high-end graphics accelerators. Krakatoa SR exposes both a Python-based interface and a C++ API to connect to various professional 3D apps, such as The Foundry's Nuke or Side Effects' Houdini. Key features include point or voxel representation of particle data, with various filter modes, motion blur and depth of field camera effects, and HDRI render passes output to OpenEXR files; support for additive and volumetric shading models at the same time, with per-particle control over color, emission, absorption and density; and support for various light scattering algorithms, self-shadowing and occlusions from both geometry and DTEX maps. In addition, SR offers particle loading of Krakatoa .PRT file sequences, RealFlow .BIN file sequences and .CSV file sequences, with the ability to offset, retime, combine and modify already cached particles. Krakatoa SR is compatible with the network rendering licenses used by the other Krakatoa implementations (Krakatoa MX and Krakatoa MY). Re:Match Pro adds stereo pair support helping to further refine the overall color match by taking into account that the two views are captured at the same time with a relatively small distance between the views. Pricing is $89.95 for After Effects and Premiere Pro. Re:Match Pro costs $329.95. Re:Match can be upgraded to Pro for $240, and floating licenses are available for $499.95. Vintage visual effects for FCP X B OSTON — Idustrial Revolution's ( XEffects Camera Transitions offer 28 different effects to Final Cut Pro X users that reproduce still and movie camera film effects, as well as still and movie projector effects. The package contains a collection of popular looks that can help in creating a vintage effect. Looks vary from a simple iris to a frame grabbing motordrive to a full "sprockets on show" projector film slip. Effects are customizable, with direction changes, frame width, sharpness and roundness control, and adjustable blur. Built-in freezes-in-shutter effects mean editors don't need to manually add holds in the FCP X timeline. All effects are transitions, so users can apply, edit and slip them like any other transition in FCP X. XEffects Camera Transitions is now available on Noise Industries' FxFactory for $49. FxFactory is a free app that uses the graphics card in a system to provide hardware-accelerated previews and rendering. 48 Post • April 2013 Post0413_046,48-productsRAV3FINALREAD.indd 48 Aquafadas upgrades Web animation app MONTPELLIER, FRANCE — Aquafadas ( has released MotionComposer Version 1.6, a visual-based authoring and effects tool that allows users to easily create professional HTML5 and Flash-based animations and interactive content. The latest version provides multiple export options and the ability to add audio. Users can import audio files into their Web animations by simply dragging and dropping in audio files directly from iTunes. MotionComposer does not employ the use of timelines. Its simple-to-use interface relies on "slides" and "states," where each slide is a state of the global animation. MotionComposer's newly optimized engine generates code for users that will run smoothly in all browsers using the latest HTML5 technology. Rendering is faster for clean, crisp animations. Pricing is $149 and existing users can update for free. 3/26/13 2:11 PM

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