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April 2013

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Spring is springing, and we've got our eyes trained on a slew of products that are putting the pep in our step and the wiggle in our walk as we welcome the warmer weather! Here are a few of Marketplace's favorite finds for spring. by Rachel Burkons and Breanne DeMore Saké Season Although Saké One is known for its line of Oregon-produced craft saké, this brand doesn't shirk tradition, and Marketplace is all for a little East-meets-West fusion. Produced in a classic junmai style in Nada, Japan, SakéMoto is the portfolio's newest offering, and it is designed to appeal directly to the American consumer. Perfect for your guests who seek authenticity in an easily pronounceable, Americanized name, SakéMoto stands out equally on menus and retail shelves. With a smooth, balanced and slightly dry character, SakéMoto also offers a bright floral freshness with a kiss of sweetness that makes this saké perfectly sippable when paired with both Asian and nonAsian umami-flavored foods. Even better? The current trend in saké cocktails means mixologists will have plenty of flavors to explore. Who You Callin' Sugar? A little sugar goes a long way, and with today's consumer looking for healthier, eco-friendly options to sweeten up their lives. Hey Shuga!'s got the solution. Whether it's the classic Hey Shuga!, made with unrefined Carribbean cane sugar, or Lil' Shuga!, made with a Stevia–cane sugar blend that's twice as sweet so you can use half as much, these sassy syrups are a great cocktail-sweeting alternative. Lil' Shuga! is perfect for the at-home low-cal cocktail set and makes a great swap for agave nectar in a skinny Margarita. B Is for Biscotti Inspired by Cookie Monster's famed "C is for Cookie," Marketplace has to admit, we're Biscotti Monsters, thanks to Almondina's line of ridiculously tasty, crunchy cookies. Thin, crispy and crunchy with bits of nuts and dried fruit in each bite, THE TASTING PANEL has gone fullbiscotti, munching on these sweet snacks ever since they arrived at our doorstep. We love the delightfully un-sweet character of Almondina Sesame, and feel downright indulgent with each bite of chocolate covered Almondina Delights. april 2013  /  the tasting panel  /  129

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