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4 • THE ARTISAN FALL 2019 "Upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all." –Alexander the Great The definition of a labor union is put forth as "an organization of workers formed for the purpose of advancing its members' interests in respect to wages, benefits, and working conditions and members of a labor union as having job protection under a collective bargaining agreement with the employer." That is a lengthy definition in and of itself but also means so much more. The members of Local 706 are part of a group of locals under the umbrella of the International or I.A.T.S.E. Collectively, all the locals work together to attain the best conditions for each and every member. Each local negotiates its own issues and there are some issues such as safety and quality of life that are universal. Each local also has its own Constitution with its working bylaws which all are governed under the International Constitution. I submit this information for a few reasons, for those who are new as a union member to educate them about our Local and being a union member but also to remind us all about the unique advantage we have by being part of a labor union. Being part of a union is at times like being part of a family. There may be some with differences of opinion or different levels of time commitment toward work or skills may vary. However, the place where there is not any difference is in the so called "union family." When signing on to do a movie, television show, theatrical show or work under any of our contracts and under our collective bargaining agreement, every single member who works under a union contract is treated equally. We are lucky that ours is a local that is very diverse and there is so much talent within our group. There are at times, struggles within all groups and some people may feel left out or not treated with courtesy or kindness as everyone should be. It can be difficult to point out the obvious or bring up sensitive subjects and this is not about lecturing or placing any blame but rather recognizing what is important and that we can make a choice to stay united. When researching this column, I set out to try and explain a few points about unions and personally being a union member, in doing so, I rediscovered what is the best about being part of the labor movement. What we are most proud of and pleased about is that labor unions are inclusive. We all may be different in a myriad of ways from different races, religions, sexual orientations, political beliefs, even down to our mode of dress, hobbies, sports or what kind of entertainment we choose… But, no matter how different we are, in every other way, we are all make-up artists and hair stylists working together under union contracts, the same Constitution and the same Bylaws. As a union member, it is in our Constitution that we hire our union brothers and sisters in preference to nonmembers when it comes to work, and that we all treat each other with respect. That is part of the oath we took when we joined. Are we going to have differences in our local and issues that come up? Of course. No family is perfect but maybe if we start to recognize how lucky we are to be such a large, powerful, talented group rather than look at any differences, we can push forward and work together toward achieving our goals such as higher wages, wage equality, and more time to be able to spend with our loved ones. Instead of focusing on what divides us or makes us different if we instead, conduct ourselves the way the Constitution dictates, by being inclusive and kind to all of our brothers and sisters. Speaking in a collective voice and standing up for every member not just ourselves, we may find we are able to achieve the goals we once thought were out of reach … that is the true definition of "UNION PRIDE." JULIE SOCASH President Managing Editor ADAM BRANDY Supervising Editor JEFF ANGELL Contributing Writers SUE CABRAL-EBERT KIM M. FERRY POLLY LUCKE PATRICE K. MADRIGAL RANDY SAYER JULIE SOCASH Publisher INGLEDODD MEDIA Office Manager KATHY SAIN Mailing List Manager DIANE BURNS The Artisan is published quarterly by Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists, I.A.T.S.E. Local 706, 828 No. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505 Phone (818) 295-3933. Fax 818-295-3930 All editorial and photo submissions should be sent to email address: hllywdmkupartist@yahoo.com Advertising: IngleDodd Media (310) 207-4410 muahs@IngleDodd.com www.IngleDoddMedia.com Officers of I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 President Julie Socash Vice President Kim M. Ferry Recording Secretary Daniel Curet Secretary-Treasurer John E. Jackson Sergeant-at-Arms Karen J. Westerfield Business Representative Randall Lee Sayer Official Magazine of Hollywood Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists. Published in the Interest of ALL the Members of Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 FROM THE PRESIDENT

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