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Summer 2019

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THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2019 • 7 Brothers and Sisters: "I don't want to get anyone in trouble…" Every day, we get phone calls from the talented men and women who make up our union Local. They often have infor- mation about an issue on their production, but are afraid to talk to their Business Representative(s). Many want to remain anonymous; others just want to question us about the situa- tion and hear our opinion. Sometimes our members want to know the answer to a contract question, or want to know if a particular production can operate in a given manner, or want to check and see if a certain person is legal to work on a specific show or venue. Nearly always, the question is followed by "…but I don't want to get anyone in trouble." You are not in trouble. You are the union. We do not share informa- tion brought forward by any of our members. If corporal punishment ever existed in this Local, it died out long before I became a member. There have been no stocks or pillories—and no 'bare-bottom hairbrush spank- ings'—at any meeting that I have ever attended. You are our 'eyes and ears' in the field; if you see or hear something, we rely on you to say something. We want you to 'stick up' for yourself, be your own advocate—or call us and enlist our assistance in correcting the situation. Department heads are held to an even higher standard. You are the stewards of your produc- tion. If our contract is not being adhered to, if a member of your department is not being paid properly, or if someone is being harassed or bullied, you are responsible to bring it to the union's attention. "But I don't want to be in trouble … and I don't want to get anyone else in trouble." Then be a good union member! Stand up and support your Local—and the contracts we fight so hard to preserve! If we LOCAL PERSPECTIVE want contract negotiations without 'givebacks and takeaways,' we need to stop 'giving away' our turnaround, our fair com- pensation for our kits, and our protections as 'Distant Hires.' The producers sign the same contract that we sign—and they too know the rules. We all need to know the rules—and adhere to them. If you don't know the rules, call me, call Polly, call Patrice; we are here to assist and represent you! To stay out of trouble: pay your dues, report your work, attend the General Membership Meetings. Dues are due in the month they are billed, period. "Due by October 1" means that we expect the payment on or before the first day of the quarter— October 1 (but the five percent late fee is not assessed until 30 days after the due date). Everyone is required to report their work. Send us the call sheet when you start a new show, a new production or a new season. If it's nonunion, send us a call sheet as soon as you are booked! Everyone is invited to attend, but the General Membership Meetings are mandatory if you live in L.A. County. We are here to educate you, protect you, represent you, negotiate on your behalf and keep you safe—not throw you under the bus. Every member of this Guild is worthy of good wages and benefits, a safe and respectful work- place and the best representation (and advice) that we can provide. Please enjoy your issue of The Artisan. Sincerely and fraternally, Randy Sayer by Randy SayeR Business Representative, I.A.T.S.E. Local 706 You are not in trouble. You are the union. " "

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