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Summer 2019

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44 • THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2019 Season two also introduces a vari- ety of new characters to the American Gods universe. New Media is an ever- changing embodiment of social media. New Media's make-up reflects the shimmery, contoured and over-the-top looks popular on Instagram. Mama-Ji, a Hindu goddess of war, is slightly aged in her everyday appearance to contrast her beauty when she appears as Kali. Her hands and arms are cov- ered in faded henna that becomes more pronounced in her true form. We meet Argus. An ancient Greek god who is all-seeing. This extensive make-up involved a bald cap, a facial appliance to give his eyes an enhanced dead look, body appliances for cable interfaces and full body paint. I was thrilled to bring our version of Thor to the small screen. I decided to go with the tradi- tional Viking look, using a large lace beard and moustache top dressed with hand-laid hair. This paired beautifully with Daniel's wig application. American Gods often steps back in time to explore the origins of our dei- ties and how they came to this land. This includes tens, hundreds and even thousands of years ago. My favourites this season were episodes six and seven. Episode six took place in a 1930s bur- lesque theatre. We designed stylized looks for all the performers, dancers and the leads: Mr. Wednesday, Thor and Columbia, a representation of pre-liberty America. We also had to fill the theatre with the type of colourful clients that would frequent a club run by gods. We were shooting a full-on musical. I had an army of artists, dab- bing foreheads and maintaining lip lines. It was awesome! Episode seven depicted a battle between warring tribes. Mad Sweeney's Celtic tribe wore the traditional blue war paint in various designs, while the other factions were covered in mud and blood, as if they had risen from the earth itself. A real good vs. evil vibe. For both looks, we used a combination of Ultra-Mud, Kryolan liquid body

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