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form of special make-up. Ricky Whittle is always in some stage of cuts and bruis- ing. Emily Browning appears in various stages of decay. We colour and sometimes extend Pablo Schreiber's beard. Orlando Jones has laid on sideburns and soul patch. Yetide Badaki flips between very beautiful to very tired and unhealthy. In season one, we had Gillian Anderson playing four different pop culture icons and Kristin Chenoweth appeared as Easter, alongside 12 versions of Jesus Christ. Not a lot of regular process times on this show, which means large pre-calls and long days. Season two did not skip a beat. Prepping this season started on a high note. We welcomed Daniel Curet to the team. He brought a tremendous amount of talent and experience as a hair designer and department head. One of our first assignments was to design the look of our old gods in their true forms. I used facial hair applications, prosthetic applications, tattoos, scarring and face and body painting to enhance their looks. We were representing many different cultures and beliefs. Seeing the cast embrace its new persona is one of the best aspects of character make-up. Happy cast, happy trailer. Go to for how-to videos and professional tips. Hookuptattoos.com 1. Apply your Tattoo 2. Brush on the Matte Sealer 3. Remove using our dermatologist - approved Remover Wipe Lorem Ipsum Introducing HookUp Tattoos' complete temporary tattoo system From local 706 member Alexei Dmitriew Christien Tinsley was also attached to the project, so I was all in. Tinsley was the make-up effects designer, who adeptly created much of the gore that the series is known for, including the first episode's bloody head explosion in the Vikings sequence, and the scene where Laura Moon lost her arm. American Gods has proven to be one of the most creatively challenging shows of my 30-year career. Along with my team of Indiana Allemang and Olga Kirnos, we set about to design these fantastic characters that would not only satisfy the fans of the source material, but also fit into the time constraints of filming a television series. Quite a challenge, indeed. American Gods has a large ensemble cast. Most of which required some

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