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Summer 2019

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THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2019 • 41 hair tests for, quickly became my muse for ultra-modern and contemporary hair styles borrowed from K-Pop culture. The fourth episode, "The Greatest Story Ever Told," saw the demise of Tech Boy, known for his overly styled and stiff androgynous hair styles in season one and now retired in the most iconic Mohawk-inspired by gaming joy sticks. The fifth episode, "The Ways of the Dead," had a flashback to the early 1900s which gave us the opportunity to recreate period hair styles along a racial divide. The sixth episode, "Donar the Great," had an amazing 1930s flashback in a bur- lesque theater. I believe to be our best shot for an outstanding hair styling nod. We used an array of wigs and old-time tech- niques to recreate these fabulous looks. The seventh episode, "Treasure of the Sun," had an epic battle flashback with dueling tribes and hundreds of hairpieces out on a rainy battlefield. As challenging as the elements were, our work really held up for two days of filming. The eighth and final episode, "My Ainsel," culminated the series with a little bit of all our greatest hits. We did serious- ly messy hair for Mad Sweeney, a new look on Quantum Boy (Tech Boy's new itera- tion), fabulous luscious curls on Bilquis, more fun looks on New Media, period looks on our guest cast, Mr. Wednesday in his usual coif and Mr. World in an ever-so-menacing haircut. We hope that you enjoy watching the series and are entertained by all of our subtle and not- so-subtle character creations!• M A K E - U P B Y C O L I N P E N M A N DEPARTMENT HEAD MAKE-UP W hen I was given the first scripts of American Gods, back in 2016, I had one question for the producers. Can we pull off such an ambitious project? I was assured they had the mandate and the resources to make it happen…

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