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34 • THE ARTISAN SUMMER 2018 So to hear David Milch was on board, and all the cast except for those who have passed (Powers Booth & Ralph Richeson), was amazing news. I can't tell you how badly I wanted to do this show. As a fan of series and knowing this iconic show won Emmys in hair, I knew I had big shoes to fill. And I'd like to mention the Local 706 hair who did the series because if this lineup doesn't make you nervous—you don't do period hair!! Pilot: Linda Arnold, Julie Woods Season One: Josee Normand, Sue Carol Schwary, Vivian Normand Season Two: Carol Pershing, Kimberley Spiteri, Terry Baliel Season Three: Peter Tothpal, Carol Pershing BIG SHOES I really wanted to continue the essence of these characters for the fans. So I watched the show every day, all day, all night, even while we were shooting, or when I came home after a really long day. I mean, I bathed in Deadwood, and needed a team to want to take this on with me. Laine Trizinski came on as Assistant Department Head and Jose Zamora as key hair. Emmy Award-winning Janie Bryant was already on board. She won Emmys for the series. So she was the perfect person to "Head" the team, and really understood the essence of these characters. We were moving forward 12 years when South Dakota was becoming a state of the union. The style of clothing and hair had become more refined. We were completely away from leather & buckskin clothing overall, except for Calamity Jane. So I really wanted to get away from the long, greasy, dusty hair of most Westerns. Men had barbered haircuts with shiny pomades applied and then let the natural dust of the set add texture and aging. The

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